Kelly Vaughen is a multimedia journalist at WHNT News 19. Originally from Virginia, the east-coaster is thrilled to make Alabama her home.

Kelly earned her master’s degree in journalism and public affairs from American University in Washington D.C., and her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Hofstra University in New York.

If you run into Kelly stop and say hi! She is excited to meet people in the community, and is always looking for new places to check out.

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Recent Articles
  • Praying with the President: former Alabama football player recalls viral moment

    HUNTSVILLE Ala. — Former Alabama football punter, JK Scott, recently made headlines for praying over President Trump during his trip to the White House. WHNT News 19 caught up with him during a trip to Huntsville Sunday, where he recalled his experience in Washington. “I didn’t feel nervous at all when I went up to him,” Scott said of the president. Scott said in that moment he didn’t see the Commander in Chief; he saw President Donald Trump like anyone else. […]

  • Stranger makes dream come true for family in need of a wheelchair accessible van

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – This emotional story has touched the hearts of many in the Tennessee Valley. A grandmother in need of equipment to care for her granddaughter Angel. Angel lives with her grandmother, Alberta Garner. Garner said that while it’s a blessing the two-pound baby has grown, Angel is getting harder to carry. So they reached out to us, hoping to find help in getting a wheelchair accessible van. “There’s plenty of places we can go, and we wouldn’t have to […]

  • Huntsville family asks for help raising funds to purchase a wheelchair accessible van for their daughter

    HUNTSVILLE Ala. — Parents hope to see their child grow bigger and stronger over the years. Parents of children with special needs hope for the same thing, but it can be difficult for them once their child gets older. Angel was born at 28 weeks and six days, weighing just two pounds and six ounces. “She was my miracle child,”  said her mother Nikita Walker. Angel has cerebral palsy, grand mal seizures and profound deafness. “The things we go through […]

  • Wernher von Braun Treasures up for Auction

    HUNTSVILLE Ala. — A piece of history is up for auction. An archive of drawings and concepts made by aerospace engineer Wernher von Braun is for sale. A collection letters, and sketches he made in Huntsville. 17 drawings and schematics, two orbital diagram, four calculations and graph plots, and three autographed letters, all by von Braun himself are up for auction. “It’s incredibly historic and important and I would think that the city of Huntsville should hopefully put together some buyers and have it […]

  • Residents prepare for the unexpected at MadisonReadyFest

    MADISON Ala. — Are you prepared for a natural disaster, a health scare, or even financial troubles? The city of Madison, along with local officials and authorities, held an event Saturday morning to help residents in the community be ready for the unexpected. MadisonReadyFest was a free event meant to prepare individuals and families in the case of an emergency. The event featured over 20 booths covering topics that included nutrition, estate planning, pet care, career planning and education. The event […]

  • Farmers fear effects of proposed tariffs on North Alabama

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — As the United States and China are locked in a battle over trade, some worry about the potential effects on North Alabama. The United States and China have threatened each other with tens of billions of dollars worth of tariffs in recent days. Senator Doug Jones (D-Alabama) said the biggest problem with the proposed tariffs is they keep changing. “I don’t think this is a well thought out plan from the White House right now. They just […]

  • “It was a rough ride” Man stayed on boat until severe winds damaged Riverwalk Marina

    DECATUR Ala. — The Riverwalk Marina in Decatur was severely damaged from Tuesday night’s storm. The docks and boats were slammed by the high gusting winds, some at risk of sinking. Dozens of boats were damaged, and “B dock” broke loose colliding with “A dock”, the severe winds ripping the metal roofs apart. “We knew early that there was an issue over here,” said Chief Anthony Grande, of the Decatur Fire Department. ” A lot of damage, but fortunately not a lot of […]

  • Political analyst John Meredith recalls meeting Rev. King as a child

    HUNTSVILLE Ala. —  Wednesday marks 50 years since the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. His work in the civil rights movement left a lasting impression on the country. Political analyst John Meredith remembers meeting King in school and it began with a call to the principal’s office. “I walked in just scared to death thinking something really bad had happened,” said Meredith. “And there were the Kings. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King had come to visit him at his […]

  • Madison County non-profit encourages healthy mental health dialogue during 2 week egg hunt

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Easter may be over, but there is still plenty of egg hunting to do in Madison County thanks to a local non-profit that is working to help promote an open and honest dialogue on mental health. Headlines concerning teen suicides, bullying and school shootings is what inspired Jana Peterson to found 57 North Hampton, an organization in Huntsville that teaches mental health and coping strategies to children and teens. “What I really want to happen is for us to […]

  • Daystar Church in Hartselle breaks Guinness World Record during annual Easter Egg Drop

    HARTSELLE, Ala. — Several churches and organizations hosted egg hunts ahead of Resurrection Sunday, but one local church set out to make sure their Easter event was one for the books. Hundreds came together Saturday for Daystar Church’s fourth annual Easter Egg Drop. A helicopter dropped 20,000 Easter eggs filled with candy and prizes for people of all ages. “It’s kind of an egg hunt on steroids,” explained Pastor Tom Watson. During the event, the church also set a Guinness World Record by […]

  • CDC reports HIV rates are highest in the South

    HUNTSVILLE Ala. — HIV rates are declining in the United States due to prevention efforts and awareness, except for in the Deep South. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say southern cities now have the highest rates of new infections nationwide. The CDC reports that in the decades since the first AIDS cases were reported in Los Angeles and New York City in 1981, the epicenter of the nation’s HIV epidemic has shifted from urban centers along the coasts to […]

  • The wait over, Beau’s Kitchen opens in Huntsville

    HUNTSVILLE Ala. — After months of anticipation the new Beau’s Kitchen is finally open. “We’ve had a joke about it at the office actually for a while, that it’s been taking so long, but we’re glad it’s finally opened up so we can come here,” said Jacob Sullivan,  a patron of the restaurant. Initially planned to open February of last year, Beau’s Kitchen on Winchester Road opened Monday night to lines out the door. “It took a lot longer than we […]