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  • Image: MGN Online

    Target hack victims could get up to $10,000

    (CNN)– Target is proposing to pay customers who suffered from a 2013 data breach up to $10,000 each in damages. The proposal is part of a $10 million offer by Target to settle a class action lawsuit. Victims able to prove they were harmed by the breach, which affected up to 110 million customers, will be eligible for up to $10,000 each. The settlement, which was detailed in court papers filed Wednesday, must still be approved by a federal judge. […]

  • Photo: WDAF

    Success! 570 lb man finishes first 5K run, on the path to better life

    Thousands turned out in Kansas City, Missouri Saturday for the “Big-12″ 5K run. But one participant may have had a little more to prove than your average runner. Derek Mitchell weighs well over 500 pounds. But he participated in — and finished — the race because he says he is on a path to a better life. “I just knew that things had to change if i was going to have any kind of you know hope for a future,” […]

  • girl_with_cane

    Woman’s rude note over handicapped parking spot goes viral

    MIAMISBURG, Ohio — An Ohio woman with a prosthetic leg said she was happy when her apartment complex gave her a parking spot closer to her door, but now she is in a battle of words with a neighbor who keeps taking her spot. Ashley Brady, 26, lost her right leg in an accident last year. After learning how to walk again with a prosthetic, stairs are the easy part. “I struggled a lot across the parking lot with the […]

  • (Image: MGN Online)

    Nintendo: Mario is headed to your smartphone

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Nintendo will soon unleash Mario and Luigi on your smartphone. The Japanese video game giant is partnering with another company to create new game apps based on existing Nintendo characters, such as Mario Bros., for mobile devices. It’s a significant shift for Nintendo. The company has resisted making its games available on smartphones and tablets, focusing instead on selling its own handheld devices and consoles. But mobile gaming is now one of the biggest sources of […]

  • Capture

    Is this the Apple product that will reinvent TV?

      “Apple TV will reinvent the way that you watch television, and this is just the beginning,” Apple CEO Tim Cook promised on-stage at a product event last week.” CNN Money– So what’s next? Perhaps a bundle of broadcast and cable channels that are sold through iTunes and streamed to Apple TV boxes or iPhones. A number of companies are already working on selling “virtual cable” — channel packages that don’t require a visit from a cable guy. These streaming […]

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    Israelis vote in parliamentary elections

    (CNN)– Millions of Israelis are casting their votes to determine their country’s next Prime Minister and the make-up of its parliament. Polls opened Tuesday at 7 a.m. local time (1 a.m. ET) and will close at 10 p.m. Ballots are for political parties rather than individual candidates. Israel has a proportional representation system, meaning a coalition government is likely to be formed within its 120-seat Knesset, or parliament. Read: How does Israel’s parliament work? The next Prime Minister will have to tackle […]

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    UPDATE: Death toll rises to 24 as Vanuatu cleans up from Cyclone Pam

    (CNN) — The fury of Tropical Cyclone Pam, one of the most powerful storms ever to make landfall, has moved on, but the misery it left behind in the islands of Vanuatu is just starting to become apparent. On Monday, the death toll from the storm rose to 24 from 11 in the South Pacific nation, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported, with 11 fatalities in Tafea, eight on Efate and five on Tanna. The organization […]

  • (Image Credit: MGN Online)

    Facebook clarifies ‘community standards’ on nudity, violence, graphic content

    By David Goldman NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Facebook has updated its “community standards” for its 1.4 billion users, getting super-specific about what is and isn’t allowed on the social network. For instance, Facebook clarified what constitutes nudity (genitals, fully exposed buttocks and female breasts if they include the nipple — except if the women are breastfeeding or showing post-mastectomy scars). Nude illustrations are fine, as long as they’re for educational or satirical purposes and aren’t “explicit.” And so-called revenge porn, […]

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    ‘Sharenting’ – Do parents overdo it on Facebook?

    More than fifty-percent of moms talk about their children on social media, but are they sharing too much? Researchers at the University of Michigan studied social media and safe parenting. They found that although social media does offer parents an outlet for advice. Parents who over share can pose privacy risks for entire families. Cyberbullying and a new trend called “digital kidnapping” are some common ways strangers have reportedly stolen and misused family photos. Researchers say parents should enjoy the benefits […]

  • Cropped Photo: Torkild Retvedt / Flickr / MGN   License Info

    Happy 30th Birthday .com

    (CNN) – There’s a bit of video that goes around the Internet every so often, showing a couple of clueless 1990s television hosts trying to decipher the mysteries of the Internet. “What is Internet, anyway?” NBC “Today” show host Bryant Gumbel asks in the 1994 clip after stumbling through an email address that ends in the now-famous .com suffix, as if it’s written in some alien language. How far we’ve come. Thirty years ago, the .com Internet domain was born. In […]

  • sandy_hook400

    Families of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary file lawsuits

    (CNN)- Families of children killed at the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut have filed lawsuits against the estate of the shooter’s mother, saying Nancy Lanza was careless and negligent in leaving a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle unsecured in her home. Adam Lanza, 20, used the assault rifle to kill 20 first-grade students and six adults in Newtown on December 14, 2012. The younger Lanza was mentally unstable and used his mother’s Bushmaster to kill her before he […]

  • WHNT.com

    UPDATE: 21 dead, 21 missing after ferry capsizes in Myanmar

    NAYPYIDAW, Myanmar (CNN) — Twenty-one people are dead and 21 missing after a ferry capsized in the Southeast Asia nation of Myanmar. Myanmar’s Ministry of Information said in a statement that the ship capsized Friday night as it sailed, in bad weather conditions, around the city of Sittwe. That’s when a large wave crashed into the ferry, causing it capsize near Myaybone and Myaukkyine islands. Authorities have managed to rescue at least 167 people, according to the information ministry for […]


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