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  • First Groomed, then Kidnapped, now Found: The search for Elizabeth Thomas is over

    (CNN) — A manhunt for a Tennessee high school teacher accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old student ended Thursday in California, 38 days after the girl had been reported missing. Tad Cummins, 50, was in custody, and the student, Elizabeth Thomas, was found safe, authorities said. The two had been missing since March 13, weeks after Cummins was investigated for kissing her in his classroom. Here’s a timeline of what led up to and transpired during the search: July 6, 2011 […]

  • Facebook developing disaster tech to beam internet from helicopters

    Facebook has long dreamed of putting the internet — and its social network — into everyone’s hands. It’s getting closer. At the Facebook F8 developer conference on Wednesday, the company shared the results of its tests aimed at connecting rural regions around the world to the internet, and showed how Facebook could help out during disasters. Facebook said it’s created something called a Tether-tenna, a small helicopter connected to an internet cable and a power source. In an emergency, the […]

  • Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski crashes White House press briefing: ‘Sean, need some help?’

    WASHINGTON — New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski made a surprise appearance at the White House press briefing Wednesday. While White House press secretary Sean Spicer was answering a question from a reporter, the football player poked his head around a corner to lend a hand. “Sean, need some help?” Gronkowski asked, prompting laughter from the journalists. “I think I got this,” Spicer replied. “You sure?” Gronkowski pressed. “Maybe,” Spicer joked. The surprise visit came shortly after the Patriots’ […]

  • Google Earth gets a mobile-friendly makeover

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Google Earth is getting a facelift. Google Earth, which is known for showing satellite imagery, topography and 3D buildings, unveiled new features on Tuesday that offer additional information and more interactive experiences. New features like “Knowledge Cards” give more information, history and pictures of places people search for, while “I’m feeling lucky” suggests unique locations, like the Pemba Island off the Swahili coast or the Zao Hot Spring in Yamagata, Japan. Google Earth is also partnering […]

  • Large asteroid to pass ‘very close’ to Earth – here’s how to see it

    A large asteroid is hurtling toward Earth — but there’s no need to duck and cover. The space rock, known by the very dull name of 2014 JO25 will safely fly by Earth on April 19, according to NASA. The chances of it pounding our planet and leaving us for the dead? Zero, experts say. “Although there is no possibility for the asteroid to collide with our planet, this will be a very close approach for an asteroid of this […]

  • Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez commits suicide in prison

    (CNN) — Convicted murderer and former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez has committed suicide, a Massachusetts Department of Correction spokesman said Wednesday. Hernandez’s death comes just days after he was acquitted in a separate murder case. A release from the Massachusetts Department of Corrections says corrections officers found him hanging in his cell from his bed sheet around 3:05 a.m. this morning. Emergency personnel worked to bring him back to life, but Hernandez was pronounced dead at a nearby […]

  • Protests erupt at Auburn University over white nationalist Richard Spencer appearance

    AUBURN, Alabama (CNN) — At least three people were arrested Tuesday night, one was left bloodied at Auburn University amid protests over the appearance of white nationalist Richard Spencer, whose speaking events have sparked an outcry at other schools. A crowd of several hundred had gathered by early evening at the public university in eastern Alabama, monitored by dozens of police officers with police dogs. Students told CNN they witnessed a fistfight between a Spencer supporter and a protester that […]

  • Unicorn Frappuccinos are REAL! Starbucks announces limited run of color-changing drink

    NEW YORK – Starbucks is calling a limited-time beverage that changes colors and flavors with a stir of the straw a “Unicorn Frappuccino.” “The elusive unicorn from medieval legend has been making a comeback. Once only found in enchanted forests, unicorns have been popping up in social media with shimmering unicorn-themed food and drinks.” The chain says the drink was inspired by the trend of unicorn-themed food online and starts out purple with a sweet and fruity taste. It magically changes […]

  • Facebook on murder video: ‘We know we need to do better’

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Robert Godwin Sr. was walking home from an Easter meal with his family when he was shot by a stranger, who then posted a video of the murder to Facebook. The gruesome video stayed up for hours on Sunday before it was removed by Facebook. It continues to be shared online. “We know we need to do better,” Justin Osofsky, VP of global operations at Facebook, wrote in a post Monday after the company faced criticism […]

  • ‘Aunt V’ is officially the oldest living person at 117-years-old

    How to be the oldest person in the world? Don’t drink rum, according to 117-year-old Jamaican Violet-Mosse Brown, recently dubbed the world’s oldest human. Brown — otherwise known as Aunt V — was born March 10, 1900, which is 67 years before Jamaica was founded. Good genes seem to run in the family; Brown’s son is 97. Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness congratulated Brown on the achievement. The world's oldest human is Jamaican Violet Brown, who was born on March […]

  • Portions of I-20 buckle causing Atlanta traffic issues to worsen

    (CNN) — Atlanta’s running out of interstates. The metropolitan area is served by four interstates. Last month, a five-lane section of one collapsed during rush hour and took part of that highway out of commission. Monday afternoon, things just got worse. Way worse. A section of another interstate buckled due to an underground gas leak, and now a portion of that freeway is shut down too. Atlantans, ever-reliant on their cars for even the shortest of errands, are now down […]

  • $50,000 reward now offered for Facebook murder suspect; search expanded nationwide

    CLEVELAND, Ohio (CNN) — A man accused of killing a 74-year-old father after he had enjoyed an Easter meal with his children — then posted a video of the killing on Facebook — is now the subject of a national manhunt. Steve Stephens, 37, stands charged with Sunday’s aggravated murder of 74-year-old Robert Godwin.  There is a $50,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest. Authorities initially said he could be in Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana or Michigan but they […]