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These stories are through the CNN Wire.

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  • CNN Photo: Gaza

    As the death toll rises a 12-hour humanitarian cease-fire between Hamas and Israel begins

    Gaza (CNN) — A 12-hour humanitarian cease-fire between Israel and Hamas started Saturday morning as diplomats worked to create a longer truce in the conflict that has killed more than 900 people — mostly civilians. The cease-fire started at 8 a.m. Saturday (1 a.m. ET). If the 12-hour cease-fire holds, Palestinians will be able to move medical supplies into Gaza and move out the injured and some of the dead bodies. Israel Defense Forces says it will keep working to “locate […]

  • water

    #DetroitWater campaign wants you to pay residents’ past-due bills

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — A new online campaign is helping Detroit residents keep their water turned on, even if they are behind on their bills. The Detroit Water Project connects donors with Detroit residents who are delinquent on their water payments. The social network app lets donors submit direct payments to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. The campaign’s #DetroitWater hashtag is helping to spread the word about the initiative, and it has been tweeted thousands of times. More than […]

  • Offices with open spaces are likely to stick around in the future. Although, they may not be as grand as this one. (Image Credit: The Barbarian Group via

    Your open-space office isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon

    (CNN) — Bad news, introverts: The open-plan office is not going away anytime soon. The workplaces of the future — and, in many cases, the present — will have fewer high-walled cubicles and private offices. The good news? Innovative companies with commensurate budgets are creating offices that bring employees together in colorful communal workstations and collaboration areas, making “The Office” look like a monochrome vestige of a bygone era. And, designers are working with companies to maintain private spaces within […]

  • se-005th_cnna-st1-10000000023546ea-320x180_300k-1-thumb

    Florida man bitten by alligator, again

    Weston, FL — A golf course employee in Broward County is recovering after he was bitten by a 9-foot alligator Wednesday. Trappers were called in to remove the reptile at the Bonaventure Country Club in Weston. The worker, Stephen Martinez, told police he was bitten on his hand while diving for golf balls in a pond. Martinez was able to jump into a golf cart and drive himself to the clubhouse to get help. Martinez is expected to be OK. […]

  • Joseph Wood

    Witnesses describe botched execution in Arizona

    (CNN) -- Joseph Wood snorted and struggled to breathe during his nearly two-hour lethal injection Wednesday, his attorney said.

  • Image: MGN Online

    FAA extends ban on U.S. flights to and from Tel Aviv

    (CNN) — The Federal Aviation Administration has extended its ban on U.S. airlines’ flights to and from Tel Aviv, Israel, for another 24 hours. The ban now runs through 12:15 p.m. ET Thursday, the FAA says. On Tuesday, the FAA barred U.S. airlines from flying into or out of the airport for 24 hours after a rocket struck about a mile away. Delta said at the time it was suspending flights until further notice. Some European airlines did the same. […]

  • Caption: In a somber ceremony, the Dutch welcomed home the first remains of MH17 victims Wednesday, July 23, 2014, in Eindhoven. (Credit: Pool)

    Netherlands holds day of mourning as first caskets arrive from Flight 17

    (CNN) — A lone bugler marked the return home Friday to the Netherlands of the first dead from the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. The grieving nation then held a moment of silence to honor those killed in the crash of the jetliner, downed last week by a suspected surface-to-air missile over war-torn eastern Ukraine. The bodies, borne in simple wooden caskets, were solemnly unloaded from the two military planes that returned them from Ukraine, and then slowly into […]

  • (Image: MGN Online)

    Verizon’s offer: Let us track you, get free stuff

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Are you comfortable having your location and Web browsing tracked for marketing purposes? If so, Verizon’s got a deal for you. The wireless giant announced a new program this week called “Smart Rewards” that offers customers credit card-style perks like discounts for shopping, travel and dining. You accrue points through the program by doing things like signing onto the Verizon website, paying your bill online and participating in the company’s trade-in program. The catch? Smart Rewards […]

  • 140722213543-pkg-moos-dancing-grandpa-00012729-tablet-large

    VIDEO: Groovin’ Grandpa shows off dance moves

    We dare you to try not to smile watching the ‘Groovin’ Grandpa’ dance his way into hearts. The dancer may need two canes to get around, but not to get down.  He tossed his canes as soon as the music started in this video. Soon, ladies joined him. CNN didn’t have any luck tracking down the new viral star, but they believe he may be from South America. The video was posted on Facebook from Peru, titled in Spanish “Forever […]

  • (Photo by: MGN Online)

    Two Ukrainian military jets shot down as finger pointing continues over Malaysian Airlines Flight 17

    DONETSK, Ukraine (CNN) — Two Ukrainian military jets were shot down Wednesday in the eastern part of the country, where pro-Russian rebels have fought against government forces, a Ukrainian military office said. The pilots ejected, the office said. Information on their condition wasn’t immediately available. An air defense system shot down the jets after the pilots completed a task near Dmytrivka, the military press office said. News of the jets’ downing comes six days after the deadly crash of the […]

  • Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Photo by: CBS Newspath)

    Secretary of State John Kerry lands in Israel amid FAA Ban

    GAZA CITY (CNN) — Washington’s top diplomat landed in Israel on Wednesday on an urgent mission from his boss — to push for an “immediate cessation of hostilities.” Feverish striving by diplomats to reach a cease-fire has been fruitless, as the Palestinian death toll rose to 649 Wednesday. The fatality count on the Israeli side stands at 32, all but three of them soldiers. A Hamas mortar shell killed a foreign worker in Ashkelon on Wednesday. As blood continued to […]

  • Aerial view of Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv (Photo: Wikipedia)

    FAA restricts U.S. flights to and from Israel’s main airport

    (CNN) –The FAA has told U.S. airlines that they are prohibited from flying to or from Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport for a period of up to 24 hours. “The notice was issued in response to a rocket strike which landed approximately one mile from” the airport on Tuesday morning, the FAA said. Several U.S. airlines had already made the decision to suspend flights to Israel earlier Tuesday because of security concerns. Delta Air Lines and American Airlines both told CNN […]