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  • With Reminders Of Violence and Politics, Christians Celebrate Easter

    Posted on: 9:39 am, April 20, 2014, by , updated on: 03:53pm, April 20, 2014

    (CNN) – Christians celebrated Easter around the world Sunday, but with reminders of violence and politics. In his second Easter message...
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    Photo Courtesy: CNN Photo
  • DNA Samples From Relatives Help Divers Identify Bodies

    Posted on: 9:32 am, April 19, 2014, by , updated on: 07:21pm, April 19, 2014

    Jindo, South Korea (CNN) – Relatives of missing passengers aboard the capsized South Korean ferry gave out DNA samples Saturday as...
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    Photo Courtesy: CNN PHOTO
  • Study: Is the Internet Killing Religion?

    Posted on: 4:12 pm, April 18, 2014, by

    By Jessica Ravitz, CNN (CNN) We can blame the Internet for plenty: the proliferation of porn, our obsession with cat videos,...
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  • “Kill Switch” to Disable Smartphones to Become Standard in 2015

    Posted on: 2:13 pm, April 17, 2014, by , updated on: 05:04am, April 18, 2014

    (CNN) — The “kill switch,” a system for remotely disabling smartphones and wiping their data, will become standard in 2015,...
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  • Woman Headed To Prison Over Lying About Mammogram Results; Two People Died

    Posted on: 12:23 pm, April 17, 2014, by , updated on: 12:39pm, April 17, 2014

    PERRY, Ga. (CNN) – Prosecutors say 10 women with cancer were told their mammograms were clean.  Now a woman is...
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  • Mississippi Couple Puzzled About Mysterious Lights Caught on Trail Camera

    Posted on: 9:40 am, April 17, 2014, by

    JACKSON COUNTY, Miss. (CNN) – This story will stir some interest.  There’s a report of a UFO in Mississippi. A...
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  • Young Boy Gets Wish Granted to Fly like Iron Man

    Posted on: 10:36 pm, April 16, 2014, by , updated on: 10:37pm, April 16, 2014

    A Colorado boy with a rare disease got to fly just like his hero Iron Man. It’s the latest good...
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  • Interview for the World’s Toughest Job – and Billions are Already Doing it

    Posted on: 12:14 pm, April 16, 2014, by , updated on: 12:15pm, April 16, 2014

    (CNN) — The job ad listed the many unusual requirements for director of operations — and still, a few dozen...
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  • Google Glass “White” sells out during Tuesday public sale

    Posted on: 9:34 am, April 16, 2014, by

    SAN FRANCISCO (CNN) - Tuesday, for the first time, Google Glass was made available to the general public. As part...
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  • Tribute Today to Mark Anniversary of Boston Marathon Bombings

    Posted on: 9:14 am, April 15, 2014, by , updated on: 01:06pm, April 15, 2014

    (CNN) — “United, we will always persevere.” That was the message Massachusetts shared with the nation and the world Tuesday,...
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  • Google Glass available to anyone for one day only

    Posted on: 5:02 am, April 15, 2014, by

    (CNN) – Have you been pining for your very own wearable $1,500 Google Glass but weren’t sure how you, a...
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    Google Glass is expected to be among the "wearable" options that breakthrough in 2014. It's available for purchase in the U.S. April 15th.
  • Beef Prices Hit Record High; Other Staples Like Milk, Butter & Eggs Climb Too

    Posted on: 1:20 pm, April 14, 2014, by

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Hitting the grocery store is getting more costly. Beef prices are at a record high, and...
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    Beef (Image: MGN Online)