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    Dem convention speeches Day 3: CNN’s Reality Check Team vets the claims

    (CNN) — The Democratic Party gathered in Philadelphia on Wednesday for the third night of its convention, and CNN’s Reality Check Team put the speakers’ statements and assertions to the test. The team of reporters, researchers and editors across CNN listened throughout the speeches and selected key statements, rating them true; mostly true; true, but misleading; false; or it’s complicated. Crime, illegal immigration Reality Check: Obama on crime and illegal immigration rates By Kate Grise and Sonam Vashi, CNN President […]

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    New details released in deadly attack on Catholic church in France

    (CNN) — French officials on Thursday identified the second man who carried out this week’s deadly attack on a Catholic church in Normandy as Abdel-Malik Nabil Petitjean. Authorities identified Petitjean, 19, from St.-Die-des-Voges, France, though DNA testing, the Paris prosecutor’s office said. He and Adel Kermiche, also 19, were killed by police after taking hostages Tuesday at a church in St.-Etienne-du-Rouvray in the Normandy region of northern France. The two killed 86-year-old priest Jacques Hamel by stabbing him in the […]

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    President Obama, Vice President Biden speak at DNC

    PHILADELPHIA (CNN) — President Barack Obama made a fervent appeal for Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, casting the Democratic nominee as a custodian of his legacy while rejecting Republicans’ message as fostering anger and hate. Obama said his former secretary of state is a better qualified candidate than even he or her husband, former President Bill Clinton. “I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman — not me, not Bill, nobody — more qualified than […]

  • Tajze Battle web

    3 arrested after Ft. Myers club shooting, 1 has ties to Alabama A&M

    FORT MYERS, Fla. – Authorities in Fort Myers have identified three persons of interest at a Florida nightclub shooting in which two people died. It happened early Monday morning at Club Blu Bar & Grill. Derrick Church, 19, Demetrius O’Neal, 19, and Tajze Battle, 22, identified as persons of interest in the shooting, were booked into the Lee County jail Tuesday morning on unrelated charges. According to our news partner, Battle was a member of the 2014 Alabama A&M […]

  • Eating Cockroaches in China

    Cockroach milk the next superfood?

    A little cockroach milk with those cookies? Chock full of protein, the insect milk may someday be transformed into a food supplement worthy of human consumption, new research indicates. Scientists have found that the Pacific Beetle Cockroach feeds its bug babies a formula which is remarkably rich in protein, fat and sugar. Don’t expect to find it next to the regular milk in the dairy section, however, at least not for now. “Any liquid harvested from a cockroach is not […]

  • BreakingNews

    Suicide bombing kills dozens in Syria

    (CNN) — A suicide bombing killed 44 people, including women and children, in northern Syria on Wednesday, state media reported. At least one huge explosion carried out by a suicide vehicle hit buildings belonging to Kurdish security agency and other administration buildings, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement. The group said 14 people died, but state-run Syrian Arab News Agency said at least 44 people were killed. ISIS-linked Amaq Agency claimed responsibility for the attack […]

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    Bill Clinton builds the case for Hillary Clinton as agent of change at Democratic National Convention

    PHILADELPHIA (CNN) — Bill Clinton isn’t used to being the second act, but he slipped comfortably into that role Tuesday night when making a forceful case that his wife is the proven change-maker who should become president of the United States in November. After struggling to control his temper and his outbursts on the campaign trail in 2008, the former president has been a far more disciplined, supportive spouse on the campaign trail this time — traveling across the country […]

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    Democrats make Hillary Clinton 1st female nominee of a major party in U.S. history

    PHILADELPHIA (CNN) — Democrats made Hillary Clinton the first female presidential nominee of a major party in the nation’s history on Tuesday, shattering one of the last remaining glass ceilings in American politics. The former first lady, New York senator and secretary of state was formally installed as the party nominee to take on Donald Trump on an emotional night at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. Clinton will formally accept the nomination on Thursday night, before embarking on an intense […]

  • ethan

    Kid’s dream to be garbage man comes true

    (CNN) -- All kids have wishes. Some kids want to be Superman, others princesses. But Ethan Dean, a 6-year-old with an incurable illness, just wants to suit up and be a garbage man for a day. Thanks to the Make-a-Wish foundation, that dream is coming true.

  • Miss Cleo

    “Miss Cleo” of the Psychic Readers Network commercials dies of cancer at age 53

    (CNN) — Youree Dell Harris, better known as “Miss Cleo” the pitchwoman for the Psychic Readers Network, died Tuesday of cancer, according to an attorney for her family. Harris, 53, was surrounded by family and close friends when she died in Palm Beach, Florida, said attorney William J. Cone. “She remained a pillar of strength throughout. She has touched so many lives, both within her family and in the community,” Cone said in a statement. “She will be dearly missed […]

  • Hostage scene in Normandy, France

    Hollande: Deadly church attack in France carried out in name of ISIS

    (CNN) — A deadly hostage-taking at a Catholic church in Normandy, in which a priest was killed and another person seriously wounded, was a terror attack committed in the name of ISIS, French President Francois Hollande has said. Speaking to journalists in the northern French town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, where two men took five people hostage during morning Mass Tuesday, Hollande said the attack was a “cowardly assassination” carried out by “by two terrorists in the name of Daesh” — another […]

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    Australian Olympic team refuses to move into Athletes Village over safety fears

    RIO DE JANEIRO (CNN) — Blocked toilets, leaky pipes and exposed wires — just a few of the reasons Australia’s Olympic delegation has refused to move in to the athletes village, now open to arriving Olympians. The village, comprised of 31 17-story towers, opened its doors on Sunday, less than two weeks before the start of Rio’s Summer Games on August 5. But the first day was marred by controversy. “We felt that our building was not safe, because of […]


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