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  • TVA

    First new US nuclear reactor in 20 years goes live

    (CNN) — The Tennessee Valley Authority is celebrating an event 43 years in the making: the completion of the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant. In 1973, the TVA, one of the nation’s largest public power providers, began building two reactors that combined promised to generate enough power to light up 1.3 million homes. The first reactor, delayed by design flaws, eventually went live in 1996. Now, after billions of dollars in budget overruns, the second reactor has finally started sending power […]

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    Apple’s rumored Mac event set for October 27

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — If you were disappointed Apple didn’t say more about its Mac computers at its big press event last month, you’re in luck. The company sent out invites Wednesday for a media event on October 27, where it is widely expected to unveil a refresh of its Mac product line. The invitation says simply: “Hello again.” The line is likely a nod to the launch of the Macintosh in 1984, when the computer introduced itself with “Hello, […]

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    Typhoon Haima slams the Philippines

    (CNN) — Heavy damage to infrastructure and agriculture is expected in northeast Philippines, officials said Thursday, as the cleanup began in the wake of Typhoon Haima. Haima was the second typhoon to hit Philippines in less than a week, lashing the country with torrential rain and raging winds. It made landfall on the northeastern end of the archipelago about 11 p.m. (11 a.m. ET ) Wednesday. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center downgraded it from a super typhoon before it hit […]


    Iraqi Prime Minister: Operation to free Mosul progressing more quickly than expected

    NEAR MOSUL, Iraq (CNN) —¬†Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the operation by coalition forces to free Mosul was going more quickly than expected. “The fighting forces are currently pushing forward toward the town more quickly than we thought and more quickly than we had established in our plan for this campaign,” he said via teleconference to a high-level meeting on Mosul in Paris. Further glimpses of life under ISIS rule are emerging as more refugees flee Mosul, the […]


    Tough coverage: It’s not one thing hurting the NFL’s ratings — it’s everything

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Just a year ago sports media reporters were writing that there was no ceiling on the NFL’s ratings, and no sign that their growth would slow down. Well, don’t we look like idiots. Those same reporters, including this one, are now stuck trying to figure out not how high the NFL’s ratings can go, but why they’ve dropped 12% across the board this season. The problem is, everyone’s trying to put their finger on a single […]

  • schiaparelli

    Spacecraft Schiaparelli expected to land on Mars, signal goes dead

    (CNN) — The European Space Agency (ESA) has confirmed the Schiaparelli spacecraft, which was expected to land on Mars on Wednesday, has been lost. During a press conference on Thursday, scientists said that Schiaparelli stopped transmitting 50 seconds before the expected landing. The agency suspects something went wrong when the parachute was jettisoned. Scientists with ESA were anxiously waiting for news from Schiaparelli yesterday. After a high-speed, fiery descent through the Martian atmosphere, scientists at mission control in Darmstadt, Germany, […]

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    New York police ‘failed’ in fatal shooting of woman, commissioner says

    (CNN) — The New York Police Department “failed” when an officer killed a 66-year-old mentally ill woman who attacked him with a baseball bat in a Bronx apartment, police Commissioner James O’Neill said Wednesday. “We do have policies and procedures for handling emotionally disturbed people, and it looks like that some of those procedures weren’t followed,” O’Neill said during a speech to the Citizens Crime Commission in Manhattan. “What is clear in this one instance is we failed.” Mayor Bill […]

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    Donald Trump refuses to say whether he’ll accept election results

    (CNN) –¬†Donald Trump on Wednesday refused to say he would accept the result of the presidential election if he loses to Hillary Clinton, raising the possibility of an extraordinary departure from principles that have underpinned American democracy for more than two centuries. “I will look at it at the time,” Trump said when asked during the final presidential debate whether he would concede if he loses on November 8, following his claims that the election is “rigged” against him. He […]

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    Trump and Clinton take off the gloves during the third and final 2016 presidential debate; Rewatch it here

    (CNN) — Donald Trump on Wednesday refused to say he would accept the result of next month’s presidential election. “I will look at it at the time,” Trump said when challenged during the final presidential debate on his claims that the election is “rigged” against him. He added: “I will keep you in suspense.” The comments at the Las Vegas showdown marked an extraordinary departure from one of the most fundamental principles of American democracy: the peaceful transfer of power […]

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    POLL: Who do you think won the final presidential debate? Check the facts and VOTE!

    LAS VEGAS (CNN) — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off one final time in a prime-time debate Wednesday night before voters go to the polls next month. Attempts at landing big blows in past debates have been fraught with misleading statements and inaccuracies — particularly from Trump, the brash billionaire who has repeatedly spurned the truth in past debates and on the campaign trail. Here’s CNN’s quick take fact checks of Wednesday’s debate: Trump: “I did not say” women […]

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    Social Security checks get measly $3.92 bump in 2017

    The typical retiree’s monthly Social Security check will get only $3.92 bigger next year. That amounts to an increase of just 0.3% — the smallest ever put in place to help cover higher prices. That’s still an improvement from this year, when the lack of inflation kept benefits from increasing at all. The average retiree’s monthly benefit is currently $1,305.30. Social Security benefits go to 66 million people, including retirees, widows, orphans and people with disabilities. The annual cost of […]

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    Drug reverses one baldness type; is male pattern next?

    (CNN) — In his mid 40s, Mike Thomas went bald. Not a “little bald spot in the back” kind of bald or “receding hairline” kind of bald, but almost totally and completely bald. He was diagnosed with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease, and he was devastated. He looked, by his own description, like a “freak,” with his eyebrows and eyelashes completely gone. He could feel it when people looked at him. Some of them quietly asked whether he had cancer. […]