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These stories are through the CNN Wire.

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  • Plane Crash

    At least 38 dead after military plane crashes in Indonesian city

    JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) — [Breaking news update, posted at 5:30 a.m. ET] Thirty-eight bodies have been recovered from the crash site of an Indonesian military aircraft in the city of Medan, said Zulkifli, an official at the Indonesian Red Cross. [Previous breaking news update, posted at 4:00 a.m. ET] At least 20 people have been killed in the military plane crash in the Indonesian city of Medan, CNN affiliate Trans 7 TV reported, citing local hospital officials. [Previous story, posted […]

  • 150206093840-obama-prayer-breakfast-tablet-large

    Obama wants to make 5 million more workers eligible for overtime

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — An estimated 5 million more salaried workers may soon become automatically eligible for overtime pay. That’s according to President Obama, who on Monday evening previewed a key part of a proposed change to overtime rules. Today, the only way you’re automatically guaranteed time and a half after logging 40 hours a week is if you earn less than $23,660 a year ($455 a week). The Department of Labor will later this week propose raising it to […]

  • The Confederate battle flag flies at a Confederate war memorial on the grounds of Alabama state capitol in Montgomery on February 26, 2009. (Photo: CNN)

    Confederate flag debate: A state-by-state roundup

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — South Carolina’s legislature has enough votes to remove the Confederate flag from its Capitol grounds, a survey of lawmakers by The Charleston Post and Courier shows. It’s a strong indication that the state’s House and Senate will vote next week to remove the flag — ending a decades-long fight that was renewed after the racially motivated shootings of nine African-Americans in a Charleston church. But the debate over the Confederate flag’s public display will continue: The Ku […]

  • In the summer of 2015, a "leap second" will threaten havoc across the internet.

[FILE] An analog alarm clock sits on a table next to a bed.

    Today, the world adds a ‘leap second’ — what does it mean?

    ATLANTA — You won’t even notice it — it will literally pass by in a second. But markets around the world are frantically trying to avoid a leap second that threatens to disrupt global trading on Tuesday. The extra second will take place at 8 p.m. ET on June 30 so that we can sync up our watches with the Earth’s slowing rotation. But the 61-second minute threatens to make computer systems go haywire, potentially screwing up complex trades that […]

  • A wildfire burned out of control late Sunday, June 28, 2015, in central Washington, forcing residents in hundreds of homes to evacuate, authorities said. At least a dozen homes have been destroyed, said Rich Magnussen with the Chelan County Sheriff's Office.

    Washington wildfire tears through thousands of acres

    (CNN) — A raging wildfire in central Washington state has burned through thousands of acres, damaged dozens of homes and forced residents to evacuate. For hours on Monday, residents faced a new threat — an ammonia leak — after embers caught a recycling plant on fire, sending smoke rising from the facility. But emergency management officials in Chelan County, Washington, later advised residents that the ammonia had dissipated and was no longer an issue. The fire began Sunday afternoon outside […]

  • 150628160114-matt-sweat-dead-caught-exlarge-169 (1)

    Source: Escaped murderer David Sweat says he and Richard Matt were planning to go to Mexico

    MALONE, New York (CNN) – A day after a New York state trooper’s good aim put an end to fugitive inmate David Sweat’s escape bid, the convicted murderer remained in critical condition Monday, receiving treatment under the watchful eye of law enforcement and security guards, a hospital official said. Sweat is talking to authorities, a source close to the investigation tells CNN.  He was recaptured Sunday after three weeks on the run, and told authorities the original plan was for […]

  • U.S. Supreme Court (file)

    Supreme Court to rehear major affirmative action case next term

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear next term a major affirmative action case concerning a program at a public university that takes race into consideration as one factor for admissions. The decision marks the second time the Court has agreed to hear a challenge from a Texas woman, Abigail Fisher, targeting the admissions policies at the University of Texas. Justice Elena Kagan took no part in the consideration of the case, presumably because she dealt with […]

  • Image: MGN Online

    Turkish police fire pepper spray and rubber pellets to break up gay pride parade

    Istanbul (CNN) – Although the gay pride parade has happened in peace for at least 13 years in Istanbul, on Sunday the parade was interrupted by police who fired pepper spray and rubber pellets at thousands when they arrived to march. Organizers of the march released a statement saying the Istanbul governorship was not allowing the procession, citing the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Paradegoers continued to celebrate in the side streets, as riot police chased other attendees from arteries of […]

  • SpaceX

    SpaceX explodes after launch from Cape Canaveral

    SpaceX said that an “anomaly” had caused the rocket to fail and was investigating. NASA is set to hold a press conference later Sunday. “It is not clear what happened,” NASA said on a webcast. “The vehicle has broken up.” SpaceX — which is headed by Musk — has made seven trips to the ISS under a contract the company has with NASA. Sunday’s launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida was supposed to be the third attempt by SpaceX to […]

  • WHNT.com

    Authorities identify 9 people killed in Alaska plane crash

      (CNN) — Authorities have tentatively identified all nine bodies from a sightseeing plane that crashed into a cliff in southeast Alaska. Eight passengers and a pilot were on board the flight. On Friday, Alaska State Troopers identified the victims as: Hal Cheney, 71, and Mary Doucette, 59, both of Lodi, California; Glenda Cambiaso, 31, and Hugo Cambiaso, 65, both of North Potomac, Maryland; June Kranenburg, 73, and Leonard Kranenburg, 63, both of Medford, Oregon; Margie Apodaca, 63, and Raymond […]

  • Roy Moore, the chief justice of Alabama's Supreme Court and a leading opponent of same-sex marriage on Friday, June 26, 2015 called the Supreme Court's ruling to legalize gay and lesbian nuptials nationwide "even worse" than the Court's 19th century decision to uphold racial segregation.

    Alabama chief justice: Marriage ruling worse than segregation decision

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — The chief justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court and a leading opponent of same-sex marriage on Friday called the Supreme Court’s ruling to legalize gay and lesbian nuptials nationwide “even worse” than the Court’s 19th century decision to uphold racial segregation in Plessy v. Ferguson. “I believe it’s worse because it affects our entire system of morality and family values,” Roy Moore told CNN in a phone interview Friday. Moore has consistently fought against same-sex marriage. In February, […]

  • The Confederate battle flag flies at a Confederate war memorial on the grounds of Alabama state capitol in Montgomery on February 26, 2009. (Photo: CNN)

    Activist takes down Confederate flag in South Carolina, charged with defacing a monument

    (CNN) – In the 10 days since a young white supremacist walked into a historically black church in South Carolina and killed nine people, the sight of the Confederate battle flag flying on the grounds of the state Capitol has been unbearable for many. But for a brief time around dawn Saturday, it wasn’t there. An activist took it down herself around 6:30 a.m., the #BlackLivesMatter movement said in a statement. Video shows her climbing the flagpole on the State House grounds […]


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