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These stories are through the CNN Wire.

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  • The Harkins family (PHOTO: Ashley Schulzetenberg)

    Pregnant mother of four dies after she’s stung by bees in the backyard

    SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – A pregnant mother of four died suddenly Monday after she was stung by bees working in her backyard. Sarah Marie Schulzetenberg Harkins, 32, died at the hospital when an aneurysm in her brain burst, Harkins’ husband told Her unborn baby also died. Harkins was a dedicated wife, mother and active member of her church, and had just initiated a women’s Bible study for the parish home-school mothers.

  • we-013we_cnna-st1-100000000237bc88-640x360_1500k-1-thumb

    New Mexico man killed, planned to eat girlfriend’s dog, police say

    (CNN) — Onyx was 9 months old, black and white, part dachshund and part chihuahua. She was a family dog, one that Mandy Malone kept in part to play with her grandchildren. Until Onyx ended up in Malone’s freezer. How did she get there? According to a criminal complaint filed in a Torrance County, New Mexico, court, the dog was stabbed in the heart and skinned. Parts of the animal were then buried in the backyard, while others were stashed […]

  • re-15tu_cnna-st1-10000000023707d1-480x270_750k-1-thumb

    Florida mom arrested for allowing 7-year-old son to go to park alone

    Port St. Lucie, FL — A mom faces a charge of child neglect after she allowed her son to go to a local park alone. She says he’s old enough but Port St. Lucie Police disagree. Now she’s fighting back. “I’m totally dumbfounded by this whole situation,” says Nicole Gainey. It began last Saturday afternoon when Gainey gave her son Dominic permission to walk from their house to Sportsman’s Park . “Honestly didn’t think I was doing anything wrong,” says […]

  • immigration

    Georgia governor, mayor send different messages on housing migrant children

    (CNN) — As Congress debates whether to pass a bill to help deal with the influx of unaccompanied Central American minors crossing the U.S.-Mexican border, government leaders throughout the country continue to debate how to handle and where to house the children. One place that battle is playing out is in Georgia. Republican Gov. Nathan Deal wrote to President Barack Obama last week asking for the federal government to stem the flow of the children to the state saying it […]

  • Image: MGN Online

    Want to send mobile messages on Facebook? You’ll have to start using the Messenger app

    (CNN) — For mobile users who text with friends via Facebook, it’s almost time to download the social-media giant’s dedicated app for doing so, or lose the ability. Facebook says that, for the next few days, it will be notifying people that if they want to continue sending mobile message, they’ll need to download the Messenger app. “As we’ve said, our goal is to focus development efforts on making Messenger the best mobile messaging experience possible and avoid the confusion […]

  • Photo provided by: MGN Online

    Israeli military implements four-hour “humanitarian window” in Gaza

    GAZA CITY (CNN) — [Breaking News update 7:53 a.m.] The Israeli military has authorized a four-hour “humanitarian window” in Gaza, but it will not apply to the areas in which soldiers are operating, the Israel Defense Forces said. The time frame is 3 to 7 p.m. local (8 a.m. to noon ET). [Previous story published 6:32 a.m. ET] While dueling political leaders blame each other for the carnage in Gaza, residents there are grappling with a new, nightmarish life: Dozens […]

  • UCLA Flooding

    Water main break leads to massive flooding in Los Angeles

    (CNN) — Streets turned into rivers and parts of UCLA turned into lakes after a massive water main break sent 8 to 10 million gallons of water gushing through parts of Los Angeles. The deluge was so massive that swift-water rescue crews with boats had to ferry away several stranded people. At least three motorists were rescued from underground parking garages where stairwells had turned into raging waterfalls. Dozens of vehicles were partly submerged, UCLA said. At least two of […]

  • Lisa Mason, left, with her mother, Darnelle, in 2007 (Photo: CNN)

    Grieving parents hit with $200,000 in student loans

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — When his 27-year old daughter Lisa died suddenly of liver failure five years ago, Steve Mason was as devastated as any father would be. He and his wife Darnelle immediately took in Lisa’s three children — ages 4, 7 and 9 at the time — even though they knew it would be a huge struggle to support them. Steve earns less than $75,000 per year as a pastor, while Darnelle earns even less as a director […]

  • NASA_generic_logo_400x225

    NASA: Water possibly found on one of Saturn’s moons

    (CNN) — On the surface of one of Saturn’s icy moons, scientists have discovered the possible existence of a very important, life-sustaining element: liquid water. NASA scientists announced Monday the identification of 101 distinct geysers erupting on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Their analysis suggests that water, a crucial component for life beyond our planet, can reach the Saturnian moon’s surface. First sighted in 2005, the geysers erupt from four “tiger stripe” fractures along the moon’s south polar terrain and spew tiny […]

  • Lightning Stirke

    One person killed, a dozen more injured after lightning strike

    (CNN) — A sunny day at California’s famed Venice Beach took a dark turn Sunday when one person died and a dozen others were injured after a rare lightning strike. A man in his mid-20’s died at at the hospital after being transported from Venice Beach, said John Kades of the Los Angeles Coroner’s office. It’s too early to determine whether he died as a result of “a lightning strike, drowning, or being trampled by the crowd,” according to Kades. […]

  • Photo provided by: MGN Online

    United Nations calls for immediate cease-fire in Gaza

    JERUSALEM (CNN) — With more than 1,000 people killed in the Israel-Hamas conflict, the U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting in New York early Monday to push for “an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza.” The halt in violence would allow for the delivery of urgently needed assistance, the 15-nation council said. But as the past week has shown, cease-fires between the dueling sides are short-lived. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CNN on Sunday that he hopes […]

  • VA logo (Image: MGN Online)

    Congress reaches tentative deal to fund fixes to VA

    WASHINGTON (CNN) – The chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees have reached a tentative agreement on a bill to reform the VA health system, aides to each of the men said Sunday, just days before Congress is scheduled to leave on its August recess. The deal, which still needs to be approved by both chambers, is expected to address both short- and long-term needs at the department, which was rocked by a waiting list scandal earlier this […]