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  • police

    San Francisco 49ers star Ray McDonald arrested on domestic violence charges

    SAN JOSE, California (CBS News) - Ray McDonald, a star defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers, was booked into jail early Sunday on domestic violence charges. He posted bail later Sunday and has been released. San Jose Police Sgt. Heather Randol told CBS San Francisco officers responded to reports of violence around 2:45 a.m., in an upscale neighborhood. McDonald, 29, was subsequently taken into custody without incident and booked into Santa Clara County Jail. The Sacramento Bee reports McDonald was […]

  • Image Credit: MGN Online

    “Knee Defender” leads to fight on plane, flight diverted over argument

    NEW YORK – Airline passengers have come to expect a tiny escape from the confined space of today’s packed planes: the ability to recline their seat a few inches. When one passenger was denied that bit of personal space Sunday, it led to a heated argument and the unscheduled landing of their plane, just halfway to its destination. The fight started on a United Airlines flight because one passenger was using the Knee Defender, a $21.95 gadget that attaches to […]

  • journalist

    American journalist released from captivity in Syria

    CBS News- The government says an American held hostage for about two years by an al Queda-linked group in Syria has been released. The Obama administration and the hostage’s family identified the man as Peter Theo Curtis of Massachusetts. Curtis, a journalist, had been held since 2012 by Jahbat al-Nusrah, an extremist group fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Curtis’ family said in a statement he been writing under the name “Theo Padnos.” “We are so relieved that […]

  • Image: MGN Online

    TSA Shows off confiscated items

    CHEEKTOWAGA, New York (CBS) –  Guns, hatchets and bats are found too often at the flight security checkpoints. The Transportation Security Administration found 400 pounds of weapons and prohibited items at the Buffalo Airport in the past three months. TSA Spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein warned you need to plan ahead. “We want passengers to think before they come to an airport,” Farbstein said. “Think about what your going to pack. Think about what you’re not going to pack”. They agents at Buffalo-Niagara […]

  • Photo courtesy of Associated Press

    Whale of a tale: Rare fossil found in California

    RANCHO PALOS VERDES, CA (CBS/LA)-Rescue crews Friday recovered what officials are calling the oldest victim in history. L.A.’s Natural History Museum has asked the L.A. Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue team for help recovering an estimated 12- to 15-million-year-old fossil contained on a rock. The fossil, located on a hillside  in Rancho Palos Verdes, is reportedly that of a rare baleen whale. There are only a handful of such fossils in existence. Also known as whalebone whales, baleen whales are […]

  • Photo Courtesy: CBS

    First American Ebola patient arrives in U.S. from Africa

    ATLANTA, Geo. (CBS) – An American doctor infected with the Ebola virus in Africa arrived in Atlanta for treatment Saturday, landing at a military base, then being whisked away to one of the most sophisticated hospital isolation units in the country, officials say. A private plane outfitted with a special, portable tent designed for transporting patients with highly infectious diseases arrived at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, spokesman Lt. Col. James Wilson confirmed. Earlier, the Samaritan’s Purse missionary group confirmed to […]

  • (Photo: MGN Online)

    ‘The Sweet Act’ proposal encourages drinking less sugary soda

    WASHINGTON, DC (CBS Connecticut) - Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) Wednesday introduced the Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax (SWEET) Act to tackle the dual epidemics of obesity and diabetes by discouraging excessive sugar in beverages. The SWEET Act would institute a tax of 1 cent per teaspoon of caloric sweetener, such as sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. This would add about 9 cents to the cost of a 12-ounce can of Coke. “People want to be healthy and they want their kids to be […]

  • When can we expect to see new iPhones from Apple?

    iPhone 6 may be Apple’s biggest launch yet

    (CBS News) – Apple is planning its biggest iPhone production run yet, according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal. Citing anonymous sources, the Journal reports that Apple asked its suppliers to manufacture anywhere from 70 to 80 million 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones by the end of the year. Apple is betting big on the larger screen models, as larger smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy, have become increasingly popular. Those larger models have helped Google’s Android overtake […]

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    Amazon officially announces Kindle Unlimited

    (CBS News) – It’s official — Amazon has a new service that caters to book lovers, allowing them to freely read over 600,000 Kindle books and thousands of audiobooks. Amazon officially announced the launch of Kindle Unlimited on Friday, after test pages for the new service were found — and later taken offline — earlier this week. The $9.99-a-month service is separate from the company’s Amazon Prime service, which allows members with Kindles to borrow one bestseller a month from […]

  • Apollo 11 45th Anniversary

    Apollo 11: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

      (CBS News) – Flying 69 miles above the far side of the moon, out of contact with Earth and a world-wide audience holding its collective breath, Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin fired their lunar module’s main engine for 30 seconds to begin the first piloted descent to the moon’s surface. It was July 20, 1969 – 45 years ago Sunday – and in a little more than one hour, one way or the other, Armstrong and Aldrin would […]

  • Photo Credit: Associated Press

    Daytona Beach father beats accused child abuser unconscious

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) – Police say a Daytona Beach father beat an 18-year-old man unconscious after finding him sexually abusing his son. Authorities say the father called 911 early Friday after he walked in on the alleged abuse. When officers arrived they found Raymond Frolander motionless on the living room floor. He had several knots on his face and was bleeding from the mouth. The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports the father — who was not identified by police — […]

  • McAfee published its second annual study of toxic superheroes. (Image Credit: McAfee, Inc. via CBS News.com)

    Hacked by Superman? The most toxic superheroes to watch out for online

    Superman may be vulnerable to something besides kryptonite. It turns out he’s also a magnet for cybercriminals. The security firm McAfee released its second annual survey of Most Toxic Superheroes today, and Superman tops the list. The lists ranks the characters that result in the greatest number of ‘infected’ Web sites when users search for them online. A McAfee representative explained in an email to CBS News that their researchers look for “bad links, including viruses, malware and sites laden […]


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