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  • Dad bikes across country to meet daughter’s heart recipient on Father’s Day

    BATON ROUGE, La. — One dad got an incredible gift this Father’s Day: He met the young man whose life was saved by his daughter’s donated heart. Bill Conner is on a healing journey. He’s biking across country to cope with the sudden loss of his 20-year-old daughter Abigail Mae, who died less than six months ago. “It’s only 2,600 miles…one day at a time,” Conner said. Around the same time Conner was saying goodbye to his daughter, across the […]

  • Assume the Lotus Position, Today is International Yoga Day

    Roll out your yoga mat because today is International Yoga Day! Yoga enthusiasts gathered by the hundreds in New York City’s Time Square today. The event marked the official first day of summer. The Times Square Alliance welcomed yogis for free yoga classes entitled “Mind Over Madness.” The theme this year, according to co-founders Tim Tompkins and Douglass Stewart, was “Ahimsa,” a Sanskrit word often translated as “do no harm, non-violence, or compassion.” “The theme of Ahimsa is especially relevant […]

  • Hospital teams up with Rolls Royce to help children cope with surgery anxiety

    Doctor visits are stressful enough as it is, but it is even more so for children. Children like four-year-old Edward have been in-and-out of the hospital all his life. The stress that goes along with that was the main concern for the pediatric staff at Saint Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, England. So, the staff commissioned luxury carmaker, Rolls-Royce, to create something for their patients that they would love. Designers created the world’s smallest, and only, “Rolls-Royce SRH.” The amazing part: […]

  • Are you suffering from seasonal allergies?

    If you’re still struggling with your allergies, you’re not alone. With the weather so unpredictable, the allergy season has been getting worse. A simple walk in the park can be unbearable for some. “I was extremely depressed, not to be able to go out and enjoy the weather,” said allergy sufferer Melissa Jackson. Jackson is one of 50 million Americans who suffer with the itchy watery eyes, sneezing and coughing of seasonal allergies. Melissa reacts to pollen, dust mites and […]

  • Everyone can save a life with Hands Only CPR

    Everyone can save a life. That’s the powerful message behind a new campaign encouraging people to know Hands Only CPR. It only takes a minute to learn. Ashley Newman is a young, healthy dancer, but during rehearsal last year she went into cardiac arrest. “I was putting my things away, and that’s the last memory I have. I woke up in the hospital,” said Newman. The 32 year old’s heart began beating irregularly, triggered by exercise. “You were not moving, […]

  • Scott Pelley out as CBS Evening News anchor, returns to ’60 MINUTES’

    CBS News has confirmed Scott Pelley will no longer be the anchor of the CBS Evening News. He’ll be returning to the network’s newsmagazine 60 MINUTES” as a full-time correspondent. Pelley has been the anchor of the CBS EVENING NEWS since Katie Couric’s departure nearly six years ago. During that time he has also remained a correspondent for 60 MINUTES. “Scott brought the best values of 60 MINUTES to the CBS EVENING NEWS, and we thank him for his commitment […]

  • Homeless man who aided Manchester Arena attack victims hailed as hero

    MANCHESTER, England – Stephen Jones, a homeless man who was outside the Manchester Arena when Monday’s deadly attack took place, is being hailed as a hero after he helped the wounded as they fled the scene. “First there was a bang, I thought it was some kind of firework, and then there was a big explosion,” he told CNN affiliate ITN. “I just felt the wind force, and then everyone started screaming and running. Me and my mate we got […]

  • Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus final performance tonight

    The clowns are having their last laughs at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Once known as the Greatest Show on Earth, a steep drop in ticket sales is forcing the circus off the road. “Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth.” It’s one of the last times the ringmaster will speak those words. After 146 years on the road, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus is folding its tent. The circus’ final performance will be in Uniondale, […]

  • Check out these 3D Selfies and find out what it means to “get doobed”

    Doob is one of a handful of companies across the country creating 3D figurines. These replicas come alive, with so many details, down to the wrinkles in your jeans. “This is me 360-degrees it’s amazing to me that I can share this with my daughter,” said Doob client Heather Stern. She got her first Doob when she was we 38 weeks pregnant with her daughter. Now it’s an annual tradition for the family. The process starts once you step into […]

  • Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters; a look at the injuries on the rise as the weather warms

    With the weather warming up, children are spending more time outside; on skateboards, scooters and bicycles. But the fun of wheeling around can also lead to injuries. Whether they’re riding bikes or boards, there’s always a chance for a fall. “With injuries, it’s not a question of if it’s going to happen but when it’s going to happen,” says Dr. Marcee White with Safe Kids Worldwide. White was part of a new study that found about 50 children go to the […]

  • Water Fitness – the latest get fit exercise trend is hitting the gym

    Gyms across the country are now riding the popularity wave of water based exercise, but don’t think this class is for your grandparents! Mountain climbers, jogging in place, squats, these all high intensity exercises usually done on land that are now being brought to the water. More gyms around the country are offering water exercise classes, getting people in the pool and pumped up for a challenging workout. “When you bring it into the pool you can still have the intensity without […]

  • Congressman Bradley Byrne takes CBS News along to town hall meetings

    (CBS News) – Congress is back in session. On their two week break, many congress members held town hall meetings in their districts. CBS News Chief Congressional Correspondent Nancy Cordes rode along to three town halls with Republican Congressman Bradley Byrne. Health care was the number one topic. Franny James, for example, drove two hours to tell him about her daughter. “She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder,” said James. “Are you willing to commit to opposing any bill that allows […]