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  • Birmingham 6th grader writes will in case he ever gets killed at school

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Children should be focused on school, on growing up, on just being children. But a slew of school violence threats sweeping the country in recent weeks led to two Birmingham sixth-graders penning a last will and testament of sorts on loose leaf paper. “Play Station 4, plus controllers, plus the games that go to it, my cat, my TV, my Xbox, and other stuff that goes to it, hoverboard,” 6th grader Javon Davies listed. Those items sound like […]

  • Dog in the race? Pooch barred from race for Kansas governor

    HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) — Kansas election officials are putting the brakes on a dog’s campaign for governor. KWCH-TV reports that Terran Woolley, of Hutchinson, decided to file the paperwork over the weekend for his 3-year-old pooch, Angus, to run for the state’s top office after reading stories about six teenage candidates. The teens entered the race after learning Kansas doesn’t have an age requirement, something lawmakers are seeking to change. Angus is a type of hunting dog called a wire-haired Vizsla. […]

  • Early morning shooting at Indianapolis bar leaves 2 dead, 3 injured

    INDIANAPOLIS, In. — Indianapolis police say they’re investigating a shooting at a bar that left two people dead, and three others injured. It happened early Sunday, just after 2 a.m. Police say a disturbance took place at the Sawmill Saloon prior to the shooting. Investigators continue to gather evidence and are asking for the public’s help with any information. One person died at the scene, and another at a hospital. At least two others are in critical condition, and one […]

  • Entangled humpback whale freed off Hawaiian beach

    Maui, Hawaii (KITV) — An entangled adult humpback whale was freed by a team of trained responders off Makena Beach, Maui, on Friday. The animal was trailing more than 285 feet of 3/8 braided line from its mouth. All gear was successfully removed and recovered. Gear will be analyzed towards determining its possible origins and trying to reduce entanglement threat in the future. The whale was first reported Thursday, Jan. 11 at 11:40 a.m. by the captain of the fishing […]

  • Legendary college football broadcaster Keith Jackson dies at 89

    CBS Sports — Keith Jackson, the man whose voice was synonymous with college football for generations of fans, died Friday night at age 89, according to his family. Jackson’s broadcast career began at Washington State in 1952 when he called a game between Washington State and Stanford, but it was just the first of many stops for the legendary voice. During his expansive career, Jackson also called the NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA Tour golf, the Olympics, boxing, racing and even some college basketball […]

  • Investors to Apple: Fight iPhone addiction among kids

    Two heavyweight investors say Apple should do more to combat iPhone addiction among young people. California State Teachers’ Retirement System and Jana Partners — two major funds that own about $2 billion in Apple stock between them — are pressuring the tech giant to take a stronger stance on the mental health effects of excessive smartphone use by children and teenagers. The investors pointed to a number of studies highlighting the detrimental effects of smartphone addiction. They include being less attentive […]

  • Christmas in Space: ISS astronauts share fond memories of the holidays

    With Christmas and New Years just days away, astronauts working on the International Space Station (ISS) reflected on some of their fondest memories of the holidays back down on Earth. Merry Christmas from the International Space Station! — Mark T. Vande Hei (@Astro_Sabot) December 25, 2017 NASA astronauts recounted memories with their children over Christmas among their most cherished memories. They said they looked forward to spending the holidays with their ‘little family’ of scientists hundreds of miles away […]

  • Aliens? Nope, it was just the Falcon 9 rocket launch

    SpaceX launched its 18th and final mission of the year on Friday. Some people on social media saw the trail of exhaust/smoke and didn’t know what it was, jokingly (half-jokingly?) saying it could be aliens! Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 23, 2017 SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket from California Friday evening, boosting a fourth batch of 10 Iridium NEXT satellites into orbit in the rocket-builder’s 18th launch this year — a modern […]

  • The long (and short) of the winter solstice

    Thursday is the winter solstice — the shortest day of 2017. December 21 also marks the first day of astronomical winter — although meteorological winter began December 1. In the Northern Hemisphere, where most of the world’s population lives, the winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year and the longest night. The good news for sunlight seeking Northern Hemisphere natives is that the days start getting longer beginning Friday — and they can start counting down to spring. […]

  • Researchers test new ultrasound technology to detect breast cancer

    More than 40 percent of women in the United States have dense breast tissue, which can make it more difficult to detect potential cancers on a mammogram. Now doctors in Southern California are testing a new technology that could help with such cases. Stacey Herkert is one woman who may benefit from the new detection method. She has a family history of breast cancer and makes sure to get a mammogram every year. “When my mom was diagnosed, she made us promise to […]

  • Tennessee teen goes viral talking about bullies, #StandWithKeaton begins

    A mother’s Facebook post, showing her agonized son struggle to explain why he’s being bullied is sparking a nationwide outpouring of support. Kimberly Jones posted Keaton’s video saying, “For the record, Keaton asked me to do this after he had me pick him up again because he was afraid to go to lunch.” The post went up Friday morning. Now, Monday morning, the post has 22.5 million views. “They make fun of my nose, they call me ugly, they say […]

  • Black clouds of smoke stretched over Brussels as Belgian waffle factory catches fire

    BRUSSELS — The sweet smell of waffles is familiar in Belgium but on Thursday, November 23 people were left choking as a fire at a waffle factory sent a dense black cloud across Brussels, disrupting road and rail traffic and forcing the evacuation of nearby factories and a school. Police said the blaze at the Milcamps factory, which produces the national sweet treat in various regional variants, broke out at lunchtime. The fire originated in the cooling system and quickly […]