Alex Stokes joins the WHNT News 19 team as an Interactive Reporter/Producer. The New Jersey native is thrilled to be making the Tennessee Valley her new home.

After studying History and Communications at the George Washington University, Alex went on to intern at WJW in Cleveland, Ohio. She is excited to start a new chapter here in Huntsville and looks forward to getting to know the community!

In her spare time, Alex likes to hike, sing and play golf. She is also a big foodie and is excited to try out some great southern cooking!

If you have a tip, story or just want to say hey you can reach her at

Recent Articles
  • People express condolences to the Bush family on social media, remembering the former first lady

    Many here in the Tennessee Valley and across the nation are expressing their condolences and love for former first lady Barbara Bush on social media. The Bush family is using the internet to share their appreciation and memories of the woman they say, ‘held their family together.’ The late Barbara Bush may never have had a social media account, but that hasn’t stopped an outpouring of kind words and support for her family on all platforms. The president and his […]

  • Alabama House Speaker Mac McCutcheon discusses successes and challenges during legislative session

    Alabama House Speaker Mac McCutcheon says this past session of the legislature was a good one. Among reasons for that is that the budgets passed without much trouble. There were, however, some things that weren’t easy. “The Racial Profiling bill at the end of the session became very controversial from a law enforcement experience side as well as the issues that it brought back up from a racial perspective in the state. And emotions were high and a lot of tension […]

  • Green Mountain Nature Trail set to receive some much needed renovations

    MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — The scenic and calming nature trail on Green Mountain will soon be receiving a much-needed face life thanks to an extra boost in funds. The 75-acre nature trail is owned, operated and funded by the people of Madison County “The nature trail here is a wonderful place to clear your mind and to re-center,” said Representative Mike Ball. But the more than 40-year-old park is starting to show its natural wear and tear. “We wanna put back and […]

  • Facebook notifies those affected by data breach

    This week, Facebook began notifying  87 million users whose data was acquired by Cambridge Analytica – a political data firm with ties to President Trump’s election campaign. CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg was in the hot seat once again on Capitol Hill Wednesday admitting that even his data was compromised. The personal data was accessed after 270,000 people took a personality quiz called ‘This is Your Digital Life’ – affecting not just the user, but their friends as well. Facebook […]

  • Spring has sprung! Protect your plants while waiting out the rest of the frost and freeze season

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — It’s finally time to get out and start enjoying what nature has to offer. Gorgeous flowers are beginning to bloom and brighten up the Tennessee Valley once again. Spring has arrived at the Huntsville Botanical Garden and the bees know it. People and animals alike stepped out to enjoy the beautiful weather, even the turtles came out to sunbathe. Everyone came out for a different reason. “It’s such a beautiful day and I didn’t want to keep the […]

  • Church in Montgomery where Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. began his activism strives to preserve legacy

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Fifty years after the death of Dr. King, people and organizations are working to preserve his message of unity and justice. A chorus of voices from all walks of life filled the inside of Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church on Tuesday singing the words “I do believe” during a tour of the historic building. “This is a national historic landmark with a legacy that will outlive any of us,” said Wanda Battle, the church’s Tour Director. […]

  • Montgomery reflects on MLK legacy days before assassination anniversary

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. — This Wednesday marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of a civil rights hero. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. came to Montgomery in 1954 to pastor at a local church not knowing the path the city would lead him on. At first glance, the round marble fountain at the Civil Rights Memorial looks like it’s a piece of artwork or a place for children to splash and play, but it’s really a chronicle of the fight against […]

  • Hudson Alpha’s second Genomic Medicine Conference hopes to use the advance science along with traditional medicine

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Genomics, or the study of our DNA, is a field that is continuing to make strides. The human body is complex and amazing, and while some things are still a mystery to us, we are constantly unpacking the genetic code that runs it. Researchers and doctors met at Hudson Alpha’s second genomic medicine conference, staying on the cutting edge of what that code continues to deliver. “What genomics does, is it allows us to match treatment interventions […]

  • New organization ‘Women of Color’ aims to promote and ensure equal inclusion in Madison County

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — More than a dozen local women from diverse backgrounds have joined together to form their own organization; a non-partisan group working toward a message of inclusion. In less than a month’s time, the first Women of Color public meeting will take place in Madison County. “We’re ready to get busy and get to work,” says Yalitza LaFontaine, a community organizer and charter member of the organization. The group announced their formation today, in English and Spanish, answering questions from other members of the community. “We are […]

  • Cullman County man finds what may be the state’s largest hailstone in his front yard after Monday’s storm

    CULLMAN COUNTY, Ala. — Even though the storms from Monday left extensive damage, one pretty cool scientific discovery came out of them. A man in Cullman County found what may be the largest hailstone in the state of Alabama. An onslaught of hail poured down across the Tennessee Valley during Monday night’s storm. “It sounded a little like the sky caved in. Had a chicken little moment there,” said Craig Mann, the hail’s owner. People started sharing pictures of the […]

  • Lawrence County residents ask for more storm shelters after suffering packed conditions

    LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. — Last night people tweeted and sent in photos of shelters packed and filled. As many hunkered down waiting out the worst of the storm – some found themselves unable to get inside their community shelter. “You can’t just leave that door open but at the same time, how can you close that door and there are other people here that need to get in?” asked Kaye Hill, a Caddo resident. As a large storm system swept […]

  • Russia expels 23 British diplomats in spy-poisoning response

    MOSCOW (AP) — Russia on Saturday announced it is expelling 23 British diplomats and threatened further measures in retaliation in a growing diplomatic dispute over a nerve agent attack on a former spy in Britain. The Russian Foreign Ministry also said in a statement that it is ordering the closure of the British Council, a government organization for cultural and scientific cooperation, and that it is ending an agreement to reopen the British consulate in St. Petersburg. It ordered the […]