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    Police in Oklahoma interviewed the man who allegedly beheaded a woman

    (CNN) — Police in Oklahoma said Saturday they’ve interviewed the man who allegedly beheaded a 54-year-old woman at his former workplace. Alton Alexander Nolen, 30, was shot inside the Vaughn Food processing plant but regained consciousness in the hospital, said Jeremy Lewis, spokesman for the Moore police department. Nolen was interviewed Friday in the hospital; […]

  • Charlie Bothuell (Family Photo/CNN)

    ‘Missing’ boy found in basement tells authorities of grueling forced exercise

    (CNN) — Twice each day, 12-year-old Charlie Bothuell V says in court documents, he was forced to do 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups and 100 jumping jacks. He told child welfare investigators in Michigan that he’d have to curl a 25-pound weight on each arm and do 5,000 revolutions on an exercise machine, and if he […]

  • David Blair is President of the Huntsville Board of Education. (WHNT News 19 file)

    School Board President Responds to Councilman Showers’ Statement

    The following is a letter from David Blair in response to Councilman Richard Showers' comments on Thursday, March 13 at the Huntsville City Council meeting.

  • Merrill Newman

    U.S. Veteran Detained in North Korea Returns Home

    (CNN) — Merrill Newman — the 85-year-old American detained by North Korean authorities earlier this fall — returned Saturday to the United States, arriving at San Francisco International Airport. “It’s been a great homecoming,” said Newman, who was wearing a blue sport coat and khakis. He thanked the U.S. and Swedish diplomats who had helped […]

  • Tow Truck Company Charges Car Owner Additional $150 Cursing Fee

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – We’ve all paid a little more for something we thought wasn’t worth it. Sometimes food is pricier at one place and cheaper at another. The same can be said when it comes to towing costs. A Huntsville woman could not believe how much she paid a tow company simply because they say […]

  • Jordaan Creque (WHNT News 19)

    Jury Recommends Death Penalty for Creque

    DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – The jury for Jordaan Creque, the first person tried for the Krystal restaurant murders in Decatur, has recommended that Creque be sentenced to death. The all-female jury, who convicted Creque on three counts of capital murder Friday, returned with the recommendation just before 6:30 P.M. Monday evening, culminating a day and a […]

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    Government Shutdown: Rewind Of The Last Few Days

    WASHINGTON, D.C., (WHNT) — This week in Washington D.C. was a frustrating one that resounded throughout the entire nation. The big question in Washington on Monday was ‘will they or won’t they?’.  As the clock ticked down to the end of the fiscal year, neither side showed signs of compromise. Representative Tom Price, (R) Georgia, […]

  • Madison Mayor Weighs In On Possible Government Shutdown

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT/CNN) — Ticktock. Ticktock. Just over a week remains.  If the Democrats and Republicans don’t stop bickering and agree to how the U.S. should pay its bills, the federal government will shut down on October 1. And at a time when the economy’s finally showing signs of life, that could be troubling. But Madison […]

  • Huntsville City Schools Begin Summer Meal Program Monday, June 3

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Huntsville City School District will sponsor a Summer Feeding Program at 12 different schools beginning on June 3 and lasting through July 26. Huntsville City Schools Child Nutrition Director Joey Vaughn points out,”A lot of these children, this is the only hot, nutritious meal they get is while they’re at […]

  • Sheriff: ‘Lines Of Communication Remain Open’ With Dykes

    MIDLAND CITY, Alabama (CNN) — It’s been a long week in Midland City. Last Tuesday, police say, a man named Jimmy Lee Dykes boarded a Dale County school bus and demanded the driver hand over two children. The driver, Charles Albert Poland Jr., refused, blocking access to the bus’s narrow aisle as at least 21 […]

  • mr_food400

    Mr. Food’s Team To Continue With Segments

    (WHNT) – We have an update about the Mr. Food segments you see weekdays on WHNT News 19 at Noon. Mr. Food’s team will continue to produce cooking segments, following their namesake’s death last week.  Mr. Food, Art Ginsburg, died November 21 at his home in Florida.  He was 81 years old and had battled […]

  • mr_food400

    Art Ginsburg, Mr. Food, Dies Of Pancreatic Cancer

    Art Ginsburg, known to the world as ‘Mr. Food,’ died Wednesday at his home in Florida.  He was 81 years old. Ginsburg had battled pancreatic cancer for about a year. He was known for his easy recipes and catch phrase he used to finish all his cooking segments, “Ooh, it’s so good.” “Art’s commitment to […]