Multiple convenience stores and restaurants with mold in the Tennessee Valley

Morgan County

AMB Convenience Store LLC

1010 19th Ave, Decatur


  • No toilet paper, no drying device at handwash sink and no soap
  • Mold in icemaker, tongs not clean
  • No food thermometer and no chemical test papers

Score: 75

Lauderdale County

H T General Merchandise

6591 Hwy 17, Florence


  • Presence of roaches in meat department
  • Backflow at attached hose needed (fixed during inspection)
  • Dirty slicer, dirty ice machine (cleaned during inspection)

Score: 81

Marshall County

Papa Dubi's

3931 Brashers Chapel Road, Guntersville


  • Lettuce and tomato holding at improper temperatures
  • Residue in ice maker and on soda nozzles
  • Torn rubber spatula and no sanitizer test kit
  • In need of pest control

Score: 76

Jet Pep Food Mart

1928 Gunter Avenue, Guntersville


  • Mold on drink machine
  • Hose connected without backflow protection

Score: 85


Colbert County:

Sparkys Drive-In, Score: 99

Franklin County:

Mason Jar on Main, Score: 99

Morgan County: 

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, Score: 99

Mel's Sweet Treats, Score: 99