LifeSouth says Giving Tuesday serves as a reminder that giving blood helps save your neighbors

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - LifeSouth Community Blood Centers encourage people to give blood now, especially since there is a blood shortage. Those with the non-profit agency said they especially need O negative and platelet donations.

"We rely on five to ten percent of our population to meet the needs," Eric Franchois, District Community Development Coordinator, said. "The blood that you donate actually goes back to your local communities and the local patients that we help to save."

These collections tend to decline during the holidays and winter months. But, the need never goes away.

"Blood is such a crucial need in our community, and unfortunately we're not able to artificially manufacture it so there are no alternatives," Franchois explained.

So, find 30 minutes to an hour, come sit and relax and save up to three lives. Remember, people donating blood must be at least 17 years old, or 16 years old with parental permission, weigh a minimum of 110 lbs. and be in good health. You must bring a photo ID with you as well.