Geri Johnson Leads the Cheers At Wills Valley Elementary School

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. - Looking for a pick me up? Look no further than Geri Johnson. She teaches second grade at Wills Valley Elementary School in Fort Payne.

It's no secret teaching is a demanding job,  but Principal Sally Wheat says Mrs. Johnson has enough energy for everyone. "Gerri Johnson is a cheerleader; she is a cheerleader personality.  She rallies behind her kids to help them succeed in any way that she can. So I think she is going to be very excited about this award," explains Wheat.

Geri Johnson won $319 for her classroom!

Wait, did she say cheerleader? Someone I can relate to!

As it turns out, this teacher's personality is as colorful as her school.

"I am so excited. I truly love what I do, so to be rewarded in any way is really nice. I have to say, the biggest reward is just getting to come here and work with my great kiddos and just to be a member of the faculty here." said Johnson.

Geri Johnson is $319 richer!

And what about winning $319?

"Overwhelmed. I feel like I am not really deserving of that, but I appreciate it. It's a compliment. Like I said, I love what I do. I love the children that I work with. I love the staff that I work with. I love my principal Mrs. Wheat. We have just a wonderful group here. I feel like I'm just blessed and this is just another blessing for me and i appreciate it." said Johnson.


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