One good and one bad rating for Mexican restaurants in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Sonic Drive-In

1325 6th Ave. SE, Decatur


  • Inspectors found milk, hot dogs, and cheese stored at temperatures up to 20 degrees warmer than required
  • An employee’s personal drink was sitting on an active cutting board
  • Sonic Drive-In scores an 85

El Quetzal Buena Vista

118 E. Franklin St., Russellville       83


  • No paper towels at the kitchen hand sink
  • The utensils were not being sanitized at all
  • Beef and chicken were stored at hazardous temperatures
  • El Quetzal Buena Vista scores an 83

Pizza Hut

859 Cox Creek Parkway, Florence


  • Found broken fryer baskets
  • Dish machine not sanitizing dishes properly
  • Pizza Hut scores an 85

Clean Plate Recommendation:

Casa Mexicana Restaurant

1101 S. Jackson Highway, Sheffield

Score: 99