Pet adoption fees waived in Florence in preparation for Irma animal evacuees

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FLORENCE, Ala. – With thousands still misplaced from hurricanes across Texas and Florida there’s a dire need for the placement of animals. Many of the animal shelters in the affected areas received significant damage, and one shelter in the Shoals is stepping up to help.

On average the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter houses 150 dogs and cats each day. Some days they are so full they have to put some of the dogs in kennels outside.

They are on a mission right now to adopt all of these furry friends.

ACO Cheryl Jones

“The more that we can get animals out into good homes, then we are available to meet the demand that we sometimes get,” said Animal Control Officer Cheryl Jones.

Like when hurricanes hit. Officer Jones said they have been watching as the devastation in Florida is being realized. She said thousands of animals will need a place to stay.

“They help us when we have dogs that need to go. We wanted to be able to help any of our partners that reach out to us,” Jones stated.

So through Wednesday adoption fees at the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter are being waived, to quickly get the animals in a good home.

“Our normal adoption fee is $85, that’s waived,” Jones explained. “The dogs are still heartworm tested, the cats are still tested.”

A $150 value for free. All in an effort to help our neighbors dealing with such tragedy.

The Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter is extending their hours on Wednesday to allow for more adoptions. You can contact their College Street location in Florence at (256)760-6676 for more information.