Huntsville mother upset after son travels on school bus for 2 hours

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A Huntsville mother says it took two hours for a bus to get her son home from school. "Almost 2 hours on a bus is just too long," said Jennifer Rutledge.

She is frustrated that her son was dropped off 30 minutes later than scheduled on Wednesday.

"The proposed time was 5:06 for them to get off the bus at Grissom, but he didn't get off the bus until 5:30 yesterday," said Rutledge.

Her son is dismissed from school at 3:40 p.m. and his bus left New Century high school at 3:50.

"Then he's starting homework late, and it pushes our family time late, our dinners late, and then we have after school activities. They weren't in bed until 9:15, and my kids go to bed earlier than that in the evening," said Rutledge.

She recognizes that her son starts school 30 minutes later this year, but wishes the route times reflect that. Her son used to get off the bus at 4:10 p.m. Now, he's scheduled to be picked up nearly an hour later.

"I would like to see more buses run for the magnet schools, for out of zone children, so their commute time is not as long," said Rutledge.

Huntsville City Schools spokesman, Keith Ward, said the district is aware of the issues with buses.

"We knew we had some hiccups, but it's the first few days. We know we are going to have to make tweaks and adjustment to any of the schedules that have those little problems," said Ward.

WHNT also spoke with a spokesperson with Durham School Services. They said the company knows about the problems and apologizes for the inconvenience. The company said its top priority is resolving the issue but notes it's not an overnight fix.