Scammers falsely using the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office name

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Photo: MGN Online

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – We want to warn you about a trick taking advantage of your trust in law enforcement agencies; specifically the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. Someone is trying to scam people under the agency’s name, and we don’t want you to fall for it.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office wants you to know that no law enforcement agency will call and demand payment over the phone to get out of an arrest. In fact, they won’t even accept a payment that way. Agencies must serve warrants issued by the courts. Fines must be paid to the clerk of courts. So, if you receive one of these calls from “the sheriff’s office” asking for money, hang up.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office says they have received at least three reports in the last few days of someone claiming to be a deputy calling people. The scammer on the other end tells people they failed to report for jury duty and there is a warrant out for their arrest. The scammer then directs the person on how to pay a fine.

If you call the number back, (256) 898-3010, you get a voice mail that you’ve reached the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and to leave a message.  Again, the sheriff’s office says this is a scam and advises people to simply hang up.