Rapid Growth in the City of Madison causes problems

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MADISON, Ala. - Growth for cities and towns is good, but when it happens too fast it causes problems. This is happening in The City of Madison. The school system is having a hard time keeping up with all of the growth.

To help with this problem the city has formed a new Madison Schools Growth Impact Committee to look at the issue. "It`s critical to the overall Tennessee Valley we keep our schools in Madison as strong as we possibly can," City of Madison Mayor Paul Finley said.  

Madison City Schools Superintendent Robby Parker said they are one of the best school systems in America. He said data shows they rank number three in the entire state. "Yet we`re 61st in funding, then in class size of 137 districts. We are 132nd in class size," Parker explained.

The city said the lack of funding and growing class sizes is a challenge for the school system. "What every community both from a macro and micro level wants growth, but it has put us in a position where the educational values can be threaten," Mayor Finley said.

To keep the school system strong the Madison City Schools Growth Impact Committee should help. "The mission of this is for the committee to develop our plan for Madison city schools, to keep us as the best k-12 values in the state of Alabama," Mayor Finley explained.

He said they are looking at other avenues to bring in more money besides having to raise taxes.

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