Students in Huntsville head back to school on August 2nd, are you prepared?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –Before you know it the school buses will be out and students will be heading back to the classrooms, but a lot can change over the summer. This is one of the reasons why Huntsville City Schools said it's important to re-enroll your children.

"Re-enrollment is something we do every year. It`s a way for us to make sure the parents information is up to date like their contact information, " Huntsville City Schools Spokesman Keith Ward said.

School leaders said re-enrollment is also a great resource for the school district. "It's a good way for us to plan for our staffing and so forth. So we are able to make sure we have the best and most resources available in place for the start of the school year," Ward explained.

The policy is nothing new for Huntsville City Schools, but it has gotten a lot easier. "Now with the electronic aid, it`s much easier to do. Many years ago most parents might remember receiving a big thick packet of information they had to fill out. They would have to fill out one for each child." Ward said.

Everything is online. To re-enroll your child click here.

Also, with school starting back on August 2nd in Huntsville many parents and guardians will be going back-to-school shopping.

The National Retail Federation said families with children in elementary school through high school will spend close to $30 billion on back-to-school supplies.  With Tax Free weekend happening July 21st-July 23rd many will be trying to get out to save as much money as possible.

Huntsville City Schools has posted a back-to-school supply list on each school's page. "They can go to their child`s schools website and over on the left hand column there is an item that says school supply list. They can click on that and on there child's grade. It will have that information there for them," Ward said.

Ward said providing the list online has been a much more effective way to get the list to parents and guardians. "We will still have copies posted at the school when they come, but certainly being able to prepare prior to school is a big help," Ward said.

For information on Madison City Schools click here. They also provide a back-to-school supply lists.