Search intensifies for missing Tuscumbia woman

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. – Law enforcement across the northwest Alabama region are searching for a missing woman. Last seen Thursday night, authorities are concerned about Sachiko Basden’s well-being.

From the air and ground, law enforcement was combing every inch of Richmond Hills in Tuscumbia Monday morning.

Her husband last saw Sachiko as he was going to bed. She was listening to music in the garage.

Ray Basden

“I woke up at 3:30 and she was not in the bed,” Ray Basden explained. “So, I came to the garage and she wasn’t in there and I thought she probably gone up to her daughter’s room.”

Basden said he checked with the couple’s four kids the next morning and no one had seen her. According to Basden, his wife left behind her ID, purse, and medications.

“We just have not heard anything from family, friends, acquaintances. Its just like she walked out of the garage and disappeared,” said Basden.

Tuscumbia police sent out a bulletin on Friday to be on the look-out for Basden. So far no one has had contact with her.

Basden said it’s surreal to look up and see a state helicopter searching for his wife.

Sachiko Basden

“I just made the statement if they find something its not good. I just want her to be safe where-ever she is.”

Basden is praying his wife will be found unharmed and soon.

If you know where Sachiko Basden is or have seen her, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Tuscumbia police say they will work this case until Mrs. Basden is located.