Madison County Commission moving forward with new courthouse security measures

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- The Madison County Commission is continuing to keep the safety and security of those who visit and work in the Madison County Courthouse a priority.

Chairman Dale Strong is continuing his efforts to open up an entry point on the east side of the courthouse.

"What we're trying to do is just make another access point, so no matter what area you park in you can make easier access to the courthouse," he said.

But, it has taken some time to get the ball rolling, and Chairman Strong said that's due to the expense.

"It's cost a lot to do this. We're having to buy x-ray machines, things that we can scan bags. The big thing is it's going to make us a safer courthouse," he explained.

They're putting identical equipment at both entry points, with trained officers.

"We're actually adding additional officers, which are part-time retired police officers, to do this bag check," said Strong.

Handicap access will also be added, as well as some new restrictions.

"We're going to close down the basement, restrict flow through the basement, add additional officers in the courthouse," said Strong.

He said this will all be beneficial for courthouse workers, county residents, and other visitors.

"We've started the process to set it up, and then we might have to make some changes. We did have an architect that drew this for us, but the big thing is every work is a work in progress, and sometimes you have to modify," Strong explained.

But, he said it's worth it because the new measures will make access to the courthouse both smoother, and safer.

Chairman Strong said he expects to announce a date for when the new security measures will be initiated at the next commission meeting on July 26.