Lyft gets the go ahead to operate fully at Huntsville International Airport

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- If you're a frequent flyer this is good news. The ridesharing company Lyft is now able  to operate fully in and out of Huntsville International Airport.

Previously Lyft drivers could only drop off passengers, but now you can find a Lyft at the courtesy shuttle parking starting Wednesday.

Huntsville International Airport announced Tuesday that Lyft is now able to operate on airport property.

"What we're doing is we have an agreement in place with Lyft so that now they can pick passengers up as well," said Jana Kuner.

Kuner is the public relations manager for Huntsville International Airport. She said when the City of Huntsville came to an agreement with the ridesharing companies, the airport followed suit.

"Within six months, actually less, we've been able to come to an agreement with them. We're happy that they're going to be able to serve our customers," said Kuner.

She said the airport has several kinds of ground transportation, including shuttles to hotels and taxis available. Now Lyft is an added bonus for travelers.

"What this does is offer an alternative, just another option. That's what we're about, is just providing conveniences to our customers. It's been highly requested so we're just happy to be able to offer them to have rideshare if that's what they'd like to do," said Kuner.

They encourage passengers to download the app. Kuner said they hope to come to the same kind of agreement with Uber as well.

The airport has designated a Lyft pick up area for passengers that would like to use the service. This area will be alongside hotel shuttles in front of baggage claim.