Rainsville officials take action against illegal dumping and burning of deris on Horton Road

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RAINSVILLE, Ala. - The city of Rainsville is taking steps in response to complaints of city employees illegally burning and dumping debris on a lot on Horton Road. The area is next to a waste water plant.

Mayor Roger Lingerfelt says he first received a complaint that city employees were dumping and burning debris on this land at the end of March. "I contacted quite a few of the city employees to make sure we weren't doing any burning. If we were doing some burning, it needed to stop."

Most of the debris in question included trees from along some of the roadways. "I think maybe some of the employees might not of understood the law and years passed it might of gotten a little blurry on what the law was," says Mayor Lingerfelt.

After several complaints, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management stepped in.
In May, the city received two letters from ADEM about the debris advising the area needed to be cleaned up.

"I read over them," says Mayor Lingerfelt. "Figured out I may need a little help with the site closure so I contracted, we got LADD Environmental."

With the help of LADD, the city developed and sent a plan of action to ADEM to help fix the issue. "ADEM reviewed our plan. What we wanted to do. What we needed to do. They gave us some criteria that they wanted done."

ADEM has since approved the city's plan and the clean up efforts will begin Wednesday. Mayor Lingerfelt says they will make sure issues like these don't happen again. "We're not going to do any burning. They know that for sure now and we're going to make sure we go by the law."

Officials say the debris is not considered to be hazardous or to have had a hazardous impact on the waste water plant.