Madison City Schools are getting ready for a new school year

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MADISON, Ala. - "When school is over at the end of May, kids are tired, teachers are tired, superintendent is tired, principal, parents are tired. Everybody is tired of everybody and everybody needs to get away. About two weeks of being away, we all start missing the kids" says Madison City Schools Superintendent Robby Parker.

Before you know it the new school year will be here. Some may not be excited but, Madison City Schools Superintendent Robby Parker is. "I can`t wait to get into the classrooms and schools to see them," he said.

10,500 students are projected to attend the 2017-2018 school year at Madison City Schools.

"That would be 20,000 moms and dads in a community of almost 50,000 everyday it`s a challenge to meet everyone's need and so I pray for wisdom every day."

This years school year will also open with new principals at three of the 11 schools, and new assistant principals at several schools.

"I`ll admit I`m bias but we have the best kids in the state of Alabama, and I believe in all of America. We've got the best teachers and principals," Parker said.

This will be Parker's first full school year as superintendent. He was voted in this past February. "I`m very proud that the lord blessed me, and the board gave me this opportunity."

And the superintendent position is something Robby Parker says he really enjoys doing.