Family and friends of pregnant woman killed in head-on collision speak out

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Courtesy:Joe Johnson

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A crash on Jordan Lane killed a pregnant woman this weekend. 29-year-old Danetria Rice was sitting next to her husband when a vehicle crossed lanes and crashed into them.  Rice died at the hospital, but doctors were able to save the child. The driver of the other vehicle, Dennis Hammond, now faces murder charges.

Courtesy: Joel Johnson

Rice's husband Joel Johnson was driving the car when they were hit. "We were heading down Jordan Lane and we noticed the person on the opposite side he was looking like he was about to get over," Johnson explained.

When the crash happened, Johnson remembers jumping out to check on his 2-year-old daughter and wife. "My daughter was okay, and my wife was just saying her back was really, really hurting her. I tried to keep her calm, I don`t know I guess she went into shock. I kept telling her, it was going to be okay and just breathe and she was like no there`s something wrong," Johnson said.

Johnson stayed behind with his daughter when Rice was rushed to the hospital. "So I really, I didn't get to say goodbye," Johnson said.

Rice lost her life shortly after giving birth to her son Mason. Her newborn will never get to see his mother, that right has been taken away from him, but Johnson will make sure he knows all about her. "She was a wonderful person, wonderful wife, and mother," Johnson said.

Rice's friend Nikki Crotts said Danetria's death has been very emotional. "Knowing that the baby lived, knowing Danetria I can see her just making sure she lived long enough to give her baby life," Crotts said.

Joel said Mason seems to be doing okay.  "He`s having some assistance with breathing, but he s starting to overcome that," Johnson said.

Rice's daughter will be three in October and Johnson said he will be strong for her and Mason.