The city of Bridgeport has big additions coming to their city’s parkgrounds

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BRIDGEPORT, Ala. - Bridgeport's park project has been through several delays, but with the help of TVA, the city continues to make improvements little by little every year.

"TVA helped us come in with the fishing pier and the ramp going down to it," says Barry Hughes, a city councilman.

They also added concrete benches and swings sets around the park, but the city has even bigger plans for the area. "We're trying to come up with some money to purchase the land in this area," says Hughes. "We got 50 more acres in here that we want to purchase."

They want add a campground for those wanting to stay overnight at the park. "Fix these RV parking spaces and equip it with water, sewage, and maybe some wifi." They're hoping the Bridgeport park will be a hot spot for tourism to help boost the city's economy.

TVA also recently gave the city $10,000 to add public restrooms to the park. That's the next construction project up on the list.