Cummings Research Park poised for transformation as it prepares to welcome Blue Origin

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Cummings Research Park is poised to move ahead with its master plan that includes adding amenities and other necessities into the park of the future.

While preparing to make the master plan vision a reality, park leaders are also getting ready to welcome space tourism company Blue Origin to a lot there.

Blue Origin announced last month that it has chosen Huntsville as the site of its BE-4 rocket engine production facility. This is contingent upon Blue Origin being awarded a ULA contract, but company leaders seem confident they will win it.

Wednesday, WHNT News 19 learned more about the future site: "They're locating on one of our landmark sites,"  commented Erin Koshut, Cummings Research Park Director.

She could not reveal exactly where that is, but she did share it will be at a currently undeveloped lot along Explorer Boulevard on the park's West side.

"Our master plan identified several sites within the park that are landmark sites. We really wanted signature facilities to locate on those landmark spots. Those are the places that have the greatest visibility in the park that are designed for those companies like Blue Origin to locate."

Koshut said Blue Origin is the kind of company that can move with Research Park into its planned future.

"It is a nice fit based on the kinds of companies we already have in the park, and not to mention that it really does continue forward our position in the space race. our current space race," said Koshut. "It further positions the park for future growth in commercial space."

Koshut said a lot of hard work continues on making the master plan for the park a reality. Seeing Blue Origin choose the park as its site is reassurance they're doing the right thing.

"Activating those amenities. Providing these activities that support employees in the park, that create spaces for them to go and enjoy, was the right decision," she said. "What we knew before and what is validated now is the changes we will be making are for the companies to be able to retain top talent and recruit top talent."

Blue Origin leaders have said the area's talent, its workforce, was a driving factor in their decision to come to Huntsville.

Koshut said this can help add to what is already in the park, showing it is a community asset.