Monrovia Volunteer Fire Department dedicates annual blood drive to Mount Zion

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — It’s been over three weeks since the Mount Zion Baptist church bus crash, but it is still weighing heavily on the mind of the Monrovia community. That’s why the Monrovia Volunteer Fire Department is dedicating their annual blood drive in their honor.

The blood drive goes until 3:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon, at 345 Mount Zion Road.  It is a family friendly event, and food is available. Even if you’re not donating blood, the community is invited to come out and show their support.

The fire department first started their annual blood drive in memory of the 2011 tornado victims. In its fourth year, they are doing it honor of all those affected by the Mount Zion bus crash.

“Three weeks ago, we saw again the way our community was able to come together, in love and service for the Mount Zion Baptist Church,” said Erin Rountree.

Rountree is a support staff member for the fire department, and also organizes the blood drive. She said it’s times like these you see the benefits of small communities.

“You see the goodness in people, and you see how willing they are to serve their neighbor, to love on each other, to give any sort of resource, whether that’s money, prayer, assistance,” explained Rountree.

Several of the fire department members are part of Mount Zion, and Rountree said the church has been a special part of Monrovia for a long time.

“We just want to support them in this difficult time, and we want to allow the community an opportunity to come out and give a selfless gesture that will go to help people involved in similar situations,” she said.

Kara Shelton is donating blood for the first time, in honor of her classmate, Sarah Harmening.

“I went to school with Sarah. She was an amazing person, happy about everything. I just want to support everyone with Mount Zion,” she said.

Rountree said giving back is what it’s all about.

“We are neighbors, and we are the Monrovia community,” she said.

Any monetary donations collected at Saturday’s blood drive will go toward the Lottie Moon missionary fund, supporting international missions.