Rep. Anthony Daniels remains unsatisfied by district apportionment

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Apportionment is not a word you hear very often, unless you’re talking politics. In the Alabama Legislature, apportionment has made news because many Democrats and the Black Caucus believe several districts are apportioned incorrectly. This allegedly crowds African-Americans into districts to lessen their voting influence.

The courts were involved in the matter earlier this year, but north Alabama Representative, Anthony Daniels isn’t satisfied.

“During this particular legislative session, the lines were redrawn with very little input and very little compromise. So it’s very possible that we will arrive at the very same kind of posture that we’re in right now. But the difficult part about it is if the court rejects us again. Then, they may appoint a special map drawer, a special master is what they call them, to redraw the lines. They’re not obligated to follow any of the rules that we all look at, that we expect it to follow as legislators. And so everybody’s district might get redrawn and may not be to your liking. And you’ll have to deal with it.”

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