Three restaurants with scores in the low eighties in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Burger King     Score of: 81  

105 Hwy 72 W, Tuscumbia


  • Sewage backing up in the building at the sink area, plumbing company was  called, arrived within 10-15 minutes, snaked the drain and employee removed some items that were blocking the drain
  • Eggs being held in warmer at 115F-127F-- 3 day notice given, eggs discarded
  • Liquid dripping from the compressor in the walk in freezer on to various food(s), also food stored on the floor in frozen liquid that had dripped from the compressor-- 3 day notice given


China Dragon     Score of: 83

7190 Wall Triana Hwy Ste A, Madison


  • Bare-hand-contact with ready-to-eat food, no hand washing after contact with money, etc.


O'Charley's     Score of: 86

6152 University Dr., Huntsville


  • Cold holding violation: Several food items out of cold holding temperature
  • Three fryer baskets in disrepair
  • Several pans found in the dish/pan storage with food items inside of them, parchment paper, and brown liquid in them from the previous days' use



Buffalo Wild Wings     Score of: 99  

945 Wimberly Drive SW, Decatur