The city of Woodville is getting its first storm shelter for residents

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WOODVILLE, Ala. – “We are very pleased to get this grant from the Alabama Emergency Management.”

The impact of previous storms influenced the need behind the shelter.

“There was a really bad tornado in 2011 and really our citizens didn’t have anywhere to go,” says Brenda Austin, the municipal clerk of Woodville.

Woodville School already has two, but they still needed a safe place and enough space for residents. Just in case an emergency happened during school.

“The process started when I went to a workshop at Northeast College in August of 2016,” says Austin.

When they heard about the grant, they went to work on the application.

“…and we heard that we got this grant on June 7, 2017.”

They’re currently taking bids for the new shelter.

“It’ll hold 100 people and have two bathrooms,” says Austin.

Working hand in hand with the Jackson County EMA, Austin says, “we’re very proud to be able to have a storm shelter for our citizens to keep them safe.”

Maintenance will fall into the hands of Woodville. The stay will provide 80% of the funds, while they match the other 20%.