‘This is your perfect companion’ – The Climb Cart handles all stairs with ease!

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The Climb Cart is advertised as a lightweight, heavy-lifting folding cart that can easily climb stairs. It has a three-wheel design so as each approaches a stair step, the wheel pivots to continue climbing and reduces effort going up and down stairs.

It comes with a bungee cord for secure carrying, and an attachable bag.

June Frost has lived in her home for thirty years and is realizing it might be time she got some help when it comes to stairs…

“I need something that will help me to get things up and down my steps, into my house," Frost admitted. "Once you pass that wonderful age of 60+, things change, and so, I must change with them.”

And here to hopefully help with that change -- The Climb Cart.

Frost lives with five dogs, and that pack requires a lot of grub, fifty pounds of it at a time, in fact. So we venture out to her car to unload the fifty pound bag of dog food onto The Climb Cart.

And when we reach the steps leading up to her house, it’s time for the first true test.

We find that it works up five steps with ease, but there’s another stairwell it needs to work on to pass the test.

“Now we’re gonna do a real test and go into 'the dungeon,' into my basement, and bring up some boxed things that I have been wanting to bring up for months, but just haven’t had the energy to do it," Frost said.

Both up and down the basement stairs, The Climb Cart transports heavy boxes with ease.

“I love this thing. It works for carrying things up and down steep inclines like those basement stairs. This is your perfect companion," Frost said.

Deal or Dud verdict: DEAL!