Local defense contractor demonstrates technology

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Robots, vehicles, and technology without compare. This is what Northrop Grumman offers our war fighters every day.

"So here in Huntsville we're part of the missile defense and protective systems division, and what you're seeing here today is a representation of the types of products and services that we offer the war fighter, " said Dan Verwiel, VP and GM of Northrop Grumman.

They provide services that support the war fighter to plan and train for missions and fight smarter.

"And it's important that we're able to showcase that so that our customers understand what it is we do for them, but more importantly the community understands the value that we bring to the US Army and the defense of our nation," Verwiel said.

Northrop Grumman opened its doors to the media to demonstrate robotics, strategic technology, virtual training. Concepts that can seem impossible to comprehend through words alone, but when you can see them  it makes all the difference.

For example, an explosive ordnance disposal robot. It's remote-controlled to check out explosive devices. It is 250 pounds of robot with a grip arm strong enough to crush your hand. It finds the explosive and then helps to safely dispose of it.

"In today's environment we're really moving into a much more digital age, taking advantage of all those things that today's soldier are really growing up with," Verwiel said. "So in yesterday's fight, things were much more hands on, and in today's fight we're able to do things digitally, tying capabilities together that were never intended to be tied together."