Constructors For Christ helps rebuild a church in Rosalie

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ROSALIE, Ala. - Constructors For Christ started back in the 70's, when they took a trip to Indiana to rebuild a church cabin.

"And we thought it would just be a one year deal but we got back and talked about it and we decided to try it again," said Marlin Paulson of Constructors For Christ.

Starting with 13 families they now have over 300. Rosalie Baptist Church is the 42nd year that they've made a building.

"All we ask of the church is for the building material. We furnish our own way here. We furnish our own lodging. We furnish everything but just the building material."

Constructors For Christ is completely made up of volunteers. They'll help build the church over the next five weeks.

"It's been a blessing from God. These are all different church members from different states that have went through this process. Most of them, having their churches hit and torn up by tornadoes," explained Pastor Roger Littler of Rosalie Baptist Church.

It's a labor of love, and a gift they'll continue to give churches in need.

"Most people say you have to go overseas to do missions, but we feel like we can do missions right here at home," said Paulson.