City of Madison in negotiations to fill old Madison Kroger Site

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MADISON, Ala. - It's been 8 months since the Kroger on Hughes Road moved.

Many people wonder what, if anything will move into the old building.

Madison Applebee's general manager, Anne Smiddy, told WHNT the closed signs on the old building didn't just stop people from coming to Kroger. She said restaurant business is down $6,000 or more per month because of it too.

"Really just not having the traffic and people coming in and out has really slowed down sales," said Smiddy, "You need an anchor store because you need a bigger store that's going to have the draw".

"We know we want to fill it up quickly. We are getting very close to a game plan with the folks who own that right now," said Madison Mayor Paul Finley.

Finley said there are obstacles the city faces when trying to accommodate new businesses.

"One is infrastructure support. The second thing is those developers are trying to figure out whether they put something in to the existing buildings, or whether they tear down those buildings," explained Finley.

The mayor said he can't officially comment on what might pop up in the old spot, but claimed city leaders are working diligently to finalize negotiations.

He added that the city has seen a 6 to 7 percent increase in sales tax revenue this year.

"That gives us more money as Mayor and council to invest in our city and roads and recreations. So we know we are doing well, we want to continue to do better," said Finley.

He hopes to announce the new tenants in the next two to three weeks.