Surfers riding waves at Orange Beach despite double red flag warning

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ORANGE BEACH, Ala. - Double red flags are flying over Orange Beach because of Tropical Storm Cindy. But despite the warning to stay out of the Gulf waters, some people are putting their lives at risk just to catch the perfect Alabama wave.

You’ve heard it before. Any day at the beach is better than a day at work. But in this case, you might want to rethink that. “At the beach, you expect to be outside and in the water and stuff. But of course, there's a tropical storm going on,” John Patrick Jones told us. “It's just been pouring rain since like yesterday.”

The 11-year-old Georgia boy is staying with his grandparents at the Perdido Beach Resort. But, he’s not getting a lot of beach time because of Tropical Storm Cindy. He’s been busy doing other things. “We honestly played Uno all day,” he said with a smile. Beach time just isn’t in the cards right now.

“My friend and I went to the hot tub and then we're going to workout today and then we're just going to pack up and get ready to leave,” said Georgia Edwards. It’s the same story for the 17-year-old from Prattville.

She was hoping for some sunshine. “It was very disappointing. But overall, I've had so much fun,” she said. That includes watching something you don’t normally see at Orange Beach, surfers.

“It's amazing,” Georgia said. “I wish I could go surf out there with those people.” But what they’re doing is illegal. “There are like two red flags up because the surf is really bad,” John Patrick Jones noted.

Double red flags means the water is closed to the public. But some ignore the warnings, putting their lives and those of rescuers in danger. At city beaches in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, you can be arrested or fined for going in the water when a red flag is flying.