The city of Woodville has a new fire station

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WOODVILLE, Ala. - The original fire station, old and outdated. So the city was ready for something new.

"We have been working here for about 15 years saving money, trying to get grants and doing different things like that," says Mayor Steve Helms.

After saving where they can and getting a loan from the bank..

"We have a 5,000 square foot facility right here now, which houses all of our equipment," says Mayor Helms.

It includes all the works, like a kitchen and even bathrooms with showers.

"Set up with gas," says Helms. "Set up with a back up generator, so if we have an episode like what we had in 2001, we have a place where people can go to and be served."

They're also hoping that a bigger station means a bigger staff.

"We have about 12 members now on our staff and we're always looking for new members. That's one thing we are. We are a volunteer fire department and we need all the help we can get," says Fire Chief Ronald Whitaker.

They're doing anything they can for the residents of Woodville.

"If something happens, you can get help with two or three minutes. Versus if you're waiting for something to come out of Scottsboro. You're talking 13 to 15 minutes response time," says Mayor Helms.

To make responding more convenient for them.

"This fire department here is for the town of Woodville. It's not just for the fire department," says Chief Whitaker. "Something they can all be proud of and the town's been real good on helping us get this going."