Storm activity causes a tree to fall on a woman’s house in Douglas

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DOUGLAS, Ala. - Mary Armstrong was in her home Thursday evening, trying to finish dinner before the storm hit.

"I heard a loud noise. I went to the door. I opened the door and I seen the tree on my house," says Mary.

She didn't think much about it so she continued dinner. Her son, from next door, noticed the tree on the house and urged her to leave.

"And I said wait just a minute, I'll be out in just a minute."

Mary went into her bedroom, right next door to the kitchen, to change clothes . That's when the tree fell into the house.

"Mama you alright, mama you alright... I said yea..." laughs Mary.

Her son and other family members rushed to get Mary out of the house.

"It was just a sheer of terror that came across me and I just came running out," says Sonya Armstrong.

They were able to get Mary out through the back door of her mobile home. The tree fell across half of the home, stopping right at her bedroom.

"I'm really glad she did survive," says Monica Armstrong.

The tree landed just feet away from where she was dressing. Mary has a house right next door that she plans to fix up and move into. Mary's family is grateful the storm spared her life, but it also taught them a valuable lesson about tree trimming.

"If they're dead, cut them down. Or if they're likely to fall on your place... cut them down," says Sonya and Monica.