Macklin Baptist Church is still trying to recover after Rosalie tornadoes

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ROSALIE, Ala. - "We call this the triple wide chapel of love now."

It's a night Pastor Wilborn won't forget.

"I was at home the night a tornado came through and I received a text message from a friend that I got in Bryant and he said that your church had been hit in tornado."

After several similar calls and texts, Pastor Michael Wilborn decided to go ahead check on the church.

"What is normally about a 15 minute drive from my house to hear ended up being 45 minutes."

When Wilborn pulled up to the church, he found it was demolished. "Emotionally you're thinking oh know what are we going to do."

The only thing left of the church was the pulpit, the alter and a single bible.. untouched.

Since then, they've improvised and made what they have work.

"It doesn't look very big but it will hold about 230 people in there," said Wilborn.

Using trailers and tents to continue their ministry. "This has served as our fellowship hall for Bible School this week and this is where the kids came and ate last night."

With very little insurance coverage on the church, it'll take almost a million dollars to rebuild what they have.

"I can't tell you the number of nights that I've gone home and I've cried myself to sleep and just worrying about what we're going to do and how we're going to be able to do this," says Wilborn.

Macklin Baptist Church says they'll continue to fundraise in order to make up that extra money. They have faith that one day they'll have their entire church again. If you're looking to help with the effort, you can donate to their GoFundMe page.