Incredible Video: Storm spotters get a little closer than expected to Wyoming tornado

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CHEYENNE, Wy. - Severe weather has been moving through the Northern Plains since Monday afternoon, when several tornadoes were reported. The most damage, and the highest number of tornado reports, was over eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska.

A tornado reportedly hit Cheyenne, Wyoming shortly after golf ball sized hail came down over the north side of the city.

Winds also overturned tractors, took out a shed and damaged a house.

Storm chasers came nerve-rattlingly close to a few storms, as you can see from the video below:

The severe weather threat shifts east on Tuesday and again Wednesday, but is expected to stay well to the north of Alabama. The Plains are in the thick of their severe weather season now, while the Tennessee Valley is seeing severe weather season wind down.

When summer rolls around the jet stream starts to move further north, over the Northern Plains. This allows the warm moist air from the south to make it farther north, where it can collide with cooler and drier air off the rockies. This aids in severe storm development.

Meanwhile across the south we're seeing plenty of warm moist air, but cooler and drier air isn't as likely to make it to us. So we see the summer like pattern, similar to that of this week, continue.