UPDATE: Investigators make arrest in connection to Brookhaven classroom fire

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DECATUR, Ala. -- Investigators with the Decatur Police Department have charged a juvenile in connection to the fire at Brookhaven Middle School.

Shortly before midnight, Decatur Fire and Rescue responded to a fire at Brookhaven Middle School.

Decatur Fire and Rescue Lt. Stacy Rose said crews were able to put the fire out quickly. But, what they found after raised suspicions.

"Units arrived on scene to find one of the mobile classrooms that is being used at Brookhaven involved with fire," he said.

The school has several mobile classrooms they're putting in place.

"This one was still in the parking lot waiting to be installed, so with that it didn't have any electricity, any utilities, hooked to it at the time," Lt. Rose explained.

Because of that lack of utilities, investigators determined someone had to set the fire.

"We are calling the fire arson at this time," said Lt. Rose.

He said some combustibles were in the area where the fire started, but they can't tell what was used to start it yet.

"The fire had started in the corner of the room and we are in the process of um looking for suspects at this time. We're trying to get some video from the school system that have cameras in place," he said.

Lt. Rose said sometimes there is no "why" behind these kinds of incidents.

"You know there's really no rhyme or reason to what we see a lot of times. You know it was there, and someone decided to do something," he said.

In a separate case, officers began investigating a break-in at the Aquadome. During the course of the investigation, a juvenile was developed as the primary suspect.

Officers located the juvenile and transported him to DPD for questioning.

The juvenile was charged with 3rd Degree Burglary and 2nd Degree Arson.  The juvenile is being held in the Tuscumbia Juvenile Detention Facility.

The investigation is still ongoing and more charges could be pending.