TAKING ACTION: Deodorant Challenge creating the next harmful dare for children

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Teens are using aerosol cans of deodorant to spray a freezing stream close to their skin for an extended period of time; creating awful burns. A quick internet search reveals dozens of videos of children participating.

The goal of the Deodorant Challenge is to see who can endure the freezing stream of aerosol deodorant the longest. Then, participants post their results, those gruesome burns, on the internet. The challenge is taking off among teens in the United Kingdom. We know information spreads rapidly on the Internet, so we want you to know it's out there. It's similar to the eraser and salt & ice challenges.

Another dangerous element of this challenge is the aerosol spray itself. On the back of the bottle, it says inhaling the contents intentionally can cause harm or death. Drugabuse.gov confirms huffing this stuff can result in coma and even heart failure.

The Deodorant Challenge isĀ another reminder for parents to stay aware of what their children are looking at on the computer.