‘Standard summertime weather:’ what does that really mean?

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It got hot on Monday!  Temperatures soared to 94ºF in Florence, 93ºF in Muscle Shoals and Decatur, and 92ºF in Huntsville Monday afternoon.  The ‘average’ high this week is around 88ºF, but we are normally about 5 degrees either side of average this time of year.  That puts Monday’s heat (and the hot weather for the rest of the week) squarely in the ‘what we’d usually expect’ range.

‘Scattered’ storms are also a part of life this time of year.

Tuesday should be about as hot as Monday with highs hitting the low-90s area-wide with only a few exceptions.  It’s not just the heat, though!  Thick humidity means those low-90s feel more like 93ºF to 97ºF during the hottest part of the day unless you are lucky enough to catch a brief heavy downpour.

Expect a few spotty showers and storms around Tuesday afternoon.  The chance of rain is only around 30-40%; however, that low chance does not mean ‘light’ rain!  Any downpours that develop are capable of producing a lot of locally-heavy rainfall.  A weather station in Forney (Cherokee County) registered 0.86″ of rain Monday, and one in Pinson (Jefferson County) showed 0.82″ of rainfall from isolated – but heavy – thunderstorms.

More of the same: If you like the hot, hazy, humid weather with the chance of daily showers and storms, you will like what’s ahead for the rest of the week.  Summer forecasts always get painted with a broad brush around here because of two reasons: an abundance of hot, humid air (fuel) and a lack of storm systems to ‘focus’ thunderstorm development.

In other words, there is no real skill in determining whether a specific place gets wet or stays dry on a given day in this kind of pattern.  Each day brings a chance of some locally-heavy downpours, but they develop in scattered spots.  That means uneven rainfall: some get a lot, some get a little, and some get nothing.

Thursday and Friday should have greater coverage of ‘scattered’ thunderstorms because a series of upper-air disturbances (waves that enhance and focus thunderstorm development) passes through the region.

Weekend outlook: The upcoming weekend might not be quite as dry as last weekend, but there is no reason to expect a rain-out.  Look for some occasional thunderstorms in the area; highs touch 90-92ºF by day, lows only drop into the 70s at night.

If you have plans for the pool or to be on the lake Saturday or Sunday, be sure you have Live Alert 19!  Track summertime storms with WHNT.com’s Interactive Radar or swipe over to the radar feature on Live Alert 19!

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