Nexus Energy Center Executive Director in Greece to speak about energy efficiency

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Last year 45 people from 42 different countries traveled to the United States as a part of the 2016 Global Entrepreneurial Summit to learn more about small business in the U.S.

The Nexus Energy Center hosted one of the participants for two weeks. This week their executive director traveled to Greece to join in on the same experience.

Ruchi Singhal knows her stuff when it comes to saving energy. “Energy is the language that anyone understands.”

Last year she shared her knowledge with Loanna Fotopoulou - who traveled from Greece to learn about how the Nexus Energy Center works. But Fotopoulou wasn’t the only one learning.

“She started asking, well how do you promote yourself because people don’t know about you enough. They really should learn more about you and what you do. She started teaching us how Nexus Energy Center can have a bigger presence with Facebook and Twitter and Instagram,” said Singhal.

She did that through testimonials, and videos demonstrating what they do. “It’s been amazing. For one it’s helped us go back and appreciate what the customer has learned and how their home has improved through Nexus Energy Center,” said Singhal.

Not to mention they’ve been able to win private grants to support their comfort project, which helps lower income families make their homes more energy efficient. This week, Ruchi is has traveled to Greece. “I have the opportunity to return the favor and kind of be the mentor back to her.”

Ruchi is preparing to speak at the U.S. Embassy about not only what she and Loanna learned from one another, but about how other countries can also be energy efficient.

“It applies everywhere. Every one has homes, everybody is spending money on energy, and everybody wants to do it better. They just don’t know how,” said Singhal.

Bringing countries together on a topic of global interest. “This conversation is ongoing and every country is involved, and they’re trying to be smart about the energy they’re producing. What we are saying is that’s definitely an important conversation, but we should focus on first is 'how can we use less?' We don’t need to use as much energy as we do and that’s something anyone can understand anywhere.”

Do you want to be a part of the movement to save energy? The Nexus Energy Center offers the Alabama WISE program, where they will come and check your home to help you become more energy efficient.