Decatur Dog Walker Watch looking for recruits

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DECATUR, Ala. -- The Decatur Police Department is launching a new program that is perfect for pet owners out and about in their neighborhoods on a daily basis.

Walking your dog is an every day routine for many people, and now you can do some good at the same time, as part of the Decatur Dog Walker Watch.

"People are out in their neighborhoods every day walking their dogs, and we want to raise their awareness about what they're seeing while they're out there," said Lt. Proncey Robertson.

Decatur Police Department Lt. Proncey Robertson said dog walkers know their neighborhoods more so than they probably even realize.

"So if they spot something unusual in a neighborhood, or something that they think the police could assist them with, that they become those eyes and ears for us, and for their neighbors," he explained.

The program aims to enhance the partnership between the community and the police. Dog walkers are perfect for this this because they might notice small differences, like an open window or fence, or vehicles that aren't typical for the area.

"The more of us that know our neighbors, and pay attention really to what's going on around us, are going to be much better citizens, much more productive. Our police department can help you more," said Lt. Robertson.

Robertson said they encourage every neighborhood and street to get involved.

"We'd like for you to reach out to us. We can maybe give you a little bit of direction and understanding about what we're looking for," he said.

Unlike a community watch program, Dog Walker Watch requires no commitment beyond an individuals regular routine. You can call the Decatur Police Department for more information at 256-341-4600.