Ben Smith’s trip to Las Vegas: “It’s a dry heat!”

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Isaiah Smith, Ben’s Smith nephew – class of 2017

Huntsville, Ala – I was fortunate to have a wonderful vacation in Las Vegas. First, I would like to congratulate my wonderful nephew, Isaiah Smith. I went out west to see him graduate from high school. Congratulations, Isaiah, and good luck at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.






The weather was very hot, but dry. As they say, “It’s a dry heat!” It was. We had high temperatures in the upper 90s to lower 100s for three days I was out there. The humidity was in the TEENS. My facebook friend chimed in on his thoughts of the weather in Las Vegas:

“I lived there when I was a kid..I tell people that 115 there feels a lot better than 90 here…” Jared Winkles – Sylvania.

Whatever sweat I had quickly evaporated. Honestly, the mornings and evenings were near perfect. Readings dipped into the middle 80s with a gusty wind. It felt amazing! Here is a look at our Live Alert 19 app. Remember you can take it anywhere. Just enable the “current location” and you can get up to date weather information everywhere.


You can use Live Alert 19 on your travels! Look at the humidity in Las Vegas! 4%!

It doesn’t rain much in this part of Nevada. The seven day forecast had suns all the way across. Here is a look at the averages for Las Vegas according to the National Weather Service:

  • June: 0.07″
  • Annual rainfall: 4.19″
  • Wettest: February – 0.76″

Interesting fact: There were eight days in the month of June that had a trace to 0.01″ of rain as a daily RECORD for rainfall! That’s hilarious!

In contrast, Alabama’s wettest month is December on average at 5.77″ and that covers the entire year and then some for Las Vegas!

With the lack of rainfall, there was little to no grass. The yards in the brother’s neighborhood were rocks. Even driving around the city and down I-15 into California, it was cactus and shrubbery. Viewers know I love to mow grass, but  I wouldn’t have use for even a push mower out there.

Rocks, not dirt near Nellis AFB in Las Vegas.

Those are rocks! No grass here. Some backyards had small patches of grass with sprinklers running full blast, but that was it. Travelling 45 miles south to the California state line on I-15 the scenery was the same. No grass and limited trees. There was literally nothing out there. There weren’t even street lights on the side of the interstate. I’m thinking the weather was so hot, the Department of Transportation has trouble keeping the roads striped. You had to “make your own lane” at times driving through town and on the interstate.



Just bushes and mountains along the California/Nevada state line along I-15. Driving a little ways into California, the scenery didn’t change. There wasn’t much out there. If you have plans to visit Las Vegas, drink plenty of water and be prepared for hot and dry afternoons!