Stanley Cup Viewing Party

MADISON, Ala. – Several people gathered at Old Black Bear Brewing to watch the Stanley Cup viewing party. Sam Kunselman and Dean Haage are not fans of the same team. Kunselman is a Penguins fan. Haage actually calls himself a situational Predators fan.

"I'm a Dallas Stars fan, but we live here now. They are the local team and this is the first time they are in the play offs; this is just great," Haage said.

They may have rooted for different teams, but they can both agree watching the game in a room full of hockey fans makes the game that much more exciting.

"I grew up north of Pittsburgh. I just wanted to come out and get in a place where there`s a little more atmosphere than just sitting at the house," Kunselman explained.

"Anytime you can go anywhere in the country and hangout with hockey fans it`s fantastic," Haage explained.

They both said there's no other sport like it. "Hockey is a fantastic sport. I absolutely enjoy going to go see The Havoc. It`s very exciting, great atmosphere, and a lot of fun," Kunselman said.

"My father had me on skates at 4-years-old. I`m born in this country because he played hockey. He came over from Sweden to do this, so it`s in my blood," Haage said.

They both get major anxiety watching the game in real time, but when their team wins it's worth it.