Showers and thunderstorms become more numerous this week

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Showers and thunderstorms will be a little more numerous early this week compared to the weekend (Image: WHNT News 19)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – After a dry, hot weekend, a few more showers and thunderstorms will make a return to the region beginning on Monday.

A surge of tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico building into the Southeast will be the main feature responsible for the increased threat of rain.

The weather this week will be very typical of June and will feature very little day-to-day change. Afternoon highs will be near 90, overnight lows will be near 70, and there is a chance of rain each day.

The kind of pattern that will be in place favors the typical hit-or-miss kind of showers and storms. That means it will not rain evenly or everywhere each afternoon.

Forecasting exactly where these will pop up each day is practically impossible – it is like trying to forecast where bubbles will form in a boiling pot of water.

Showers and storms will form in very random places Monday afternoon, soaking some and leaving others high and dry (Image: WHNT News 19)

Forecast guidance shows the random nature of these showers and storms, which may already be on radar around midday Monday.

Some neighborhoods will get a good soaking while others will not see any rain at all.

Forecast for Monday, June 12 (Image: WHNT News 19)

The high Monday afternoon will be near 90 degrees.

This kind of weather will repeat itself every day through next weekend.