Murder suspect’s $1 million bond reinstated after contacting kids

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DECATUR, Ala. - A woman charged with her husband's murder now faces a reinstated $1 million bond after violating a judge's order.

Thursday, Morgan County Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson lowered Michelle Lee Owen's bond from $1 M to $100,000. She was also strictly instructed not to try to contact her children.

Officials say in about three hours, she violated that order and tried to call her children from the Morgan County Jail.

She violated the order before she ever made bail, and now Judge Thompson reinstated the original $1 million bond just one day after lowering it.

Michelle and Lawrence "Eddie" Owens II are pictured (photo:

Owens was arrested and charged with the murder of her husband Lawrence Edward Owens II last June.

She was indicted back in march.

The murder

A 911 call from one of Michelle Owens' children alerted police to the murder on June 26, 2016.

Her teenage son reported that Michelle Owens had been diagnosed with, "Some kind of disease that makes you think thoughts that really aren't real" and that she wasn't letting him inside the home after a sleepover.

He told dispatchers that a family member inside the home with Michelle Owens said that she had killed Lawrence Owens. When the caller spoke with her, she claimed that she hadn't killed him, "But I saw the look in her face, and she looked worried."

Her trial date has not yet been set.