Car Crash Victim’s Friend Reflects On Her Life

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HARTSELLE, Ala. – Decatur Police confirm a 27-year-old Danville woman died this past week, when a Jeep Grand Cherokee – going the wrong way on Hwy 31 S – crashed head-on into her Dodge Durango.

The driver – Tiah Nicole Loggins – was pronounced dead at the scene by the Morgan County Coroner. The driver of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, who had been going north in the southbound lanes, also died. The coroner confirmed that 28-year-old Stephen Anthony Keeton was the driver of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Amanda Robinson worked with Tiah Loggins for two years in the restaurant business. "She gave the best hugs because they were so sincere and so warm. Most of our memories are everyday memories. Those are the kind of things that you don`t miss until you don`t have the person anymore," Robinson explained.

She said Loggins' positive attitude will be missed. "For somebody like that to be taken so soon from her son. It's taken a while for me to come to grips with it," Robinson said.

Robinson said her heart breaks for Loggins family and her son. "He's going to question for a long time. He probably can`t comprehend anything just yet," Robinson said.

Robinson said if she could speak with Loggins one more time this is what she would say. "That I loved her and she brought so much joy to my life. And I would tell her how wonderful of a mother she was. I know it was the most important thing to her," Robinson said.

Loggins family has started a GoFundMe Page to help with funeral expenses. If you would like to help out, click here.

No one yet knows why Keeton was travelling the wrong way on Hwy 31.

Like both families, we're searching for answers.

A background check reveals Keeton had convictions for illegal possession of prescription pills, illegal possession of alcohol and an open container violation.

Regardless of the past, the investigation will hopefully reveal why their futures are now gone.