Madison Police continue investigating attempted burglary to jewelry business

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MADISON, Ala. - Madison Police are investigating an attempted burglary at Brock's Jewelry on Madison Boulevard. Police and store owners were alerted to the break in around 3:30 on Friday morning.

Police and the store's owners are looking through surveillance footage to see if they know who broke into the business.

"At least there wasn't anybody here and we was open for business," Alan Brock, the nephew of the store owner and employee, said.

Brock told WHNT News 19 his uncle opened the business in 1980. He confirmed they've only dealt with one similar incident.

"They got some leads at the police department and they wound up catching them," Brock said.

Store owners are confident surveillance cameras will help police find the person responsible for this mess.

"Very prepared," Brock said of the business' security efforts. "We've got a good security system and many cameras, all that good stuff, so we've got it all covered."

These cameras captured details like the person's clothing, shoes and something used to break the glass.

"Probably 8 to 10 inches long object, haven't been able to tell what it is yet," Brock said of what he saw the burglar use in the surveillance footage.

Fortunately, store owners said whoever broke in wasn't going to leave with much.

"We lock everything up at night in a very secure vault and everything," Brock said. "So, the worst part about it was having to get up at 3 this morning and drive to work."