Two locations of the same restaurant score badly in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings

Waffle House # 740     Score of: 84      

1507 Hwy 72, Athens


  • Roaches
  • Eggs were at 60F out on counter not being timed, ham 68F, cheese & tomatoes 72F


El Quetzal Buena Vista     Score of: 89

118 E. Franklin St., Russellville


  • Vaseline stored with food
  • Salsa and other food products not date marked


Waffle House #1283     Score of: 77  

2501 Florence Blvd., Florence


  • Chemicals stored with food items
  • Accurate product thermometer not available in restaurant
  • Dishwasher not sanitizing at proper temperature


Clean Plate Recommendation

Greek Gyro Express     Score of: 99

4710 University Drive, Huntsville