Madison County Commission announces progress on Blake Bottom Overpass

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- A long anticipated road project in Madison County is finally getting the green light. For the first time since 2012, work will soon begin on the Blake Bottom Overpass project on Research Park Boulevard.

Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong said after so many years, it's exciting to finally make some real progress on the project.

"With the abundant amount of traffic that is traveling Research Park this will allow those that are wanting to exit to Blake Bottom Road, where we've just had phenomenal growth," he said.

Chairman Strong said the overpass is something that's been needed for a long time, but it will require some temporary inconveniences.

"Anytime that you're making an interchange, widening a road, making it better for police, fire, ambulances, you've got to relocate those lines. There's a lot in that area," he explained.

The Madison County Commission announced Wednesday its intent to relocate some utility facilities, that include AT&T, Comcast, and Huntsville Utilities.

"Everything from power, to utilities, to phone, water. A little bit of everything. It's got to be moved to make this project safe," said Strong.

He said based on the area this is going to be built, it will affect some homeowners.

"It is going to impact some land, some homes. What we're going to do is they're going to have plenty of notification when the time comes," he said.

Strong said they're making the formal notification so early because they want to let people know this is going to be happening. They would rather get ahead of any problems than have to stop in the middle after construction has begun.

"The last thing you want to do is start a project and then all of sudden find out that you've got some type of utility or cable that's there, then it shuts down a project, makes it more expensive," he explained.

Chairman Strong said the county plans for the bid process to begin by the end of this summer.